When working in an agile environment, technical writers can face some challenges in planning, workload balancing, and execution. But writers can realize numerous benefits in this environment if they follow a few principles to stay flexible and fully engaged on their project teams.

This session provides the top five things you need to know to be a successful technical communicator in an agile environment.

Visiting TC Dojo Master:

Alyssa Fox, Micro Focus. Alyssa is Director of Information Development and Program Management at Micro Focus in Houston, Texas. Her interests and skills include technical communication, user experience, process improvement, project management, and agile development practices. She recently ended her time as the STC Secretary because she’s going to be the VP next year.

You asked for a session on Agile and you’ve got it. In fact, you couldn’t have anyone better here to talk about it. No matter who you ask If you want to learn about, Alyssa’s name is at always the top of the list. And I’m thrilled she agreed to be our Visiting TC Dojo Master today.

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