Did you know with Arbortext, Specializations require no additional programming? Did you know Arbortext ships with easily customizable stylesheets to support output to multi-channel output formats (HTML, PDF, RTF, etc.)? Did you know PTC now has the only fully-functional, end-to-end, enterprise-level DITA solution: Arbortext Editor, Publishing Engine, and Content Management System? Did you know Arbortext 5.4M50 was released June 1st with full support for DITA 1.2 even before 1.2 was released for public comment?

The OASIS DITA standard began with IBM and it began in Arbortext. PTC/Arbortext was the only vendor invited to be a charter member of the Oasis DITA Technical Committee and participates on that committee today.

Join us for this FREE one hour websession and find out how easy it is to create DITA stylesheets in Arbortext.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in moving to DITA now or in the future, anyone who has already begun that transition but is looking for a better way, and anyone who is just plain curious.

Presented by: Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions

Presented online: 31 August 2010

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Show notes, transcripts, and other collateral are available to members of the TC Dojo Mastermind Group and to customers of Single-Sourcing Solutions.

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