Lightning Talk: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Did you know there is a new renaissance on the horizon? We are thrilled to see, more and more, a new enthusiasm about content creation to publication. We are all familiar with the words “content reuse” and “xml authoring” and “single-source” and “topic based authoring”. But all this talk is now coming from outside the walls of traditional tech pubs. It is starting to get a great deal of attention from the more creatively focused departments of Sales and, more notably, Marketing.

Now is the time for us to break down the walls that once divided the teams that create content. But how do you do that? Don’t sell yourself short! Those of you who have built your profession around the technology of creation and delivery have gained a great deal of insight. This expertise makes you a valuable resource for those seeking to adopt practices that are now like second nature to you. Continue reading “Lightning Talk: Don’t Sell Yourself Short”

Beyond Theory: Making Single-Sourcing Actually Work

“Beyond Theory: Making Single-Sourcing Actually Work”
Presented by: Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. (formerly: Juniper Networks)
Audience: Developers

In this paper, I discuss how we made single-sourcing work at Juniper Networks. This is a practical discussion of issues, problems, and successes.

This paper provides a case study in single-sourcing, examining how the Technical Publications group at Juniper Networks has been implementing single-sourcing. In the past three years, there has been much theory about single-sourcing, but not enough practice. The literature is full of information about single sourcing from a theoretical perspective. So, this paper is more about what isn’t covered in the literature than what is.

For example, it’s not about how to choose a tool or evaluate a product, how to code XML, how to get cost savings through single-sourcing, how to write modularly, or how to structure your documentation. And it isn’t about amazing product features, the Juniper Document Definition, the Juniper-specific applications that we developed. Most importantly, this paper is not a set of generalized rules for making single-sourcing work. It is one long a concrete example because, in the end, that is what the developer of a single-sourcing system needs to see. And interestingly enough, it’s what the users of that single-sourcing system need to see, too.

Presented by: Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc.

Presented at: Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Special Interest Group for Design of Communication Conference 2003 (SIGDOC 2003)

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