Summary: After this presentation, you will be able to show those in the C-Suite how a transformative adoption in product information can differentiate your company in the market place and provide breakthrough results in driving shareholder value.

Regardless of size or the number of years that a company has been in business, all companies have one thing in common: they all have information. Information about their products and services is necessary to communicate with both existing and potential customers.

This necessity is often overlooked as a method of establishing strategic advantage. Product information is added at the end of the development process, sometimes at the last minute. The team charged with the responsibility to design, develop, and deliver the content is usually tucked away in some under-funded, under-utilized department even though the need for dynamic information has grown substantially.

Consumers place a high value on information whether you do or not. It is their first glimpse at your company and reveals a lot about the value the company places on their customers. They are far more likely to research information on their own than to simply listen to what they are told. They form their opinions based on their research of your product information. Your product information is the key influencer for future decisions.

Are you prepared? Is your product information ready for Web 3.0?

The information about your products or services should be at the front of the line leading the way for increased market share. In order to do this, the value of the information needs to be recognized by the top level executives. How do you get the information development out of the company basement and into the C-Suite of your organization? Unless you can expose the hidden treasure of dynamic product information for your company, any request for change will fall on deaf ears. You need to create opportunities for exposure to the top executive decision makers and influencers. We may know that improvement in dynamic product information drives revenue, but do they get that message in the C-Suite?

Presented at

  • TC Dojo 2013 (video recorded)
  • LavaCon 2010

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