In this TC Dojo session, we’ll talk about maps, maps, and more maps. Using maps to organize your thoughts, your keys, your content, your deliverables. We’ll talk about mini-maps and deliverable maps, and why you should not use bookmaps (unless you actually print to paper, but who does that anymore?!).

Attend the webinar: Mon, February 6 , 2017 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM PST

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Visiting Dojo Master

Tracy Baker F5Tracy Baker, F5
Tracy Baker has been writing technical content long enough to [still] remember the Unix command shortcuts for FrameMaker. In her current role with F5 Networks, she transitioned the writing teams from desktop publishing to structured authoring in DITA, starting back in 2009. Optimizing content creation and publication so that customers are delighted is her passion. She’s been hooked on maps ever since she first discovered the Rand McNally road atlases as a child.

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