Smaller organizations are starting to feel the need for DITA. For small organizations with limited staff resources and smaller budgets, it’s harder to plan and execute the move to DITA from traditional publishing applications and processes. As DITA’s adoption continues to spread to smaller organizations, people continue to ask very basic questions.

n this presentation, we explain why SoftwareAG chose to convert legacy FrameMaker  documentation to DITA, while continuing to use FrameMaker as their post conversion DITA editor. We describe the issues we faced in making this decision, our activities in preparation for conversion, and the post conversion activities needed to provide DITA content equivalent to the original legacy documents. Throughout, our emphasis has been to bring all staff along with us as we make our move to a structured authoring environment..

Presented by: Larry Owen, Software AG, and Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc.

Presented at: Content Management Strategies Conference, 2009

Presentation Materials:

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