You get it. You understand the value for having your content in XML. Perhaps you are already there or on your way. Now you have all of your content tagged and structured for optimal reuse. You breathe a sigh of relief.

Then you get the request to produce high quality designed outputs for things such as catalogs, product brochures, data sheets, or even advertisements, etc….

Can your rendering engine handle it?

If you have Arbortext the answer is definitely YES!

Join us for this one hour session where we will show you how you can automate the creation of high-volume, high-quality output from XML content using the Arbortext Suite of products.

No time to attend, then register to receive your access to the recorded session!

Speaker: Simon Taylor, PTC

When:  25 October 2011, 9-10 am Pacific/US

Watch the Video

Slides, show notes, transcripts, and other collateral are available to members of the TC Dojo Mastermind Group and to customers of Single-Sourcing Solutions.

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