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S3I accomplished things that no one thought could ever get done.

Team Lead, Techinical Publications, General Atomics

Stylesheets are our specialty

Whether you’re using XSL, XSL-FO, XPath, XQuery, jQuery, Arbortext Styler, FOSI, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (3b2), or CSS, we can help.

We’ve done amazing things with stylesheets in nearly every technology out there today. Whether you need us to do something special, fix something that another expert did, or do something innovative like turning steps into a flowchart, we can help.

When we work on stylesheets for our customers — whether we do the whole thing or do the initial work that takes it to a stable point that they can maintain — we always look for training opportunities. This way we can help our customers grow their expertise while they are familiarizing themselves with the stylesheet and the application, making for easier maintenance in the future.

What kind of stylesheets do you work with?

We’ve been working with XSLT, XSL-FO, FOSI, Styler, and APP stylesheets since 1999. Whatever you need, we can help.

Don't waste time struggling

In 30-minutes, our experts can generally figure out what's happening with your stylesheet and tell you how to fix it.

XPath, XSLT, and XSL-FO

Do you need help with:

  • formatting with CSS
  • formatting with XSL-FO
  • working with the Area Tree
  • working with XSL
  • working with XPath
  • working with XQuery
  • working with jQuery
  • headers and footers
  • watermarks
  • blank page handling
  • reordering pages

Are you using any of these options of Antenna House?

  • CGM Option
  • INX Option
  • SVG Option
  • PostScript Option
  • MathML Option
  • XPS Output Option
  • Web Interface for Formatter
  • Barcode Option
  • PANTONE Option
  • Report Designer

Are you struggling with any of these features with your preferred rendering engine?

  • page layout with CSS
  • page layout with XSL-FO
  • working with the Area Tree
  • PDF Digital Signatures
  • bookmarks
  • linking between PDFs
  • converting step-based content to diagrams
  • DITA to XSL-FO transformations
  • pdf5 plug-in
  • l18n support
  • XBRL to XSL-FO

Arbortext Styler

Arbortext Styler provides a convenient user interface that allows non-programmers to create and maintain stylesheets for multi-channel output.

  • Creating more than 5 regions (header, footer, left/right margins, and body) on a page without having to build tables in tables in tables
  • Changing style based on an element or element context
  • Using Pantone and CMYK colors
  • Modularizing stylesheets and stylesheet components (abstracting headers, footers, and other content)
  • Creating multiple-layers to achieve advanced page layouts
  • Boxing, rules, rounded corners, and custom bullets
  • Customizing generated text, indexes, and tables of contents
  • Side-by-side layout

Get help when you need it

Why wait?

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP) is the base rendering engine for all the Arbortext publishing applications. It’s got publishing capabilities that rival Adobe InDesign, if you know what to do.

  • Synoptic alignment (The ability to align multiple content streams at the same vertical position on the page.)
  • Spanning tables across multiple pages
  • Marginalia (Extract content from the content stream and insert it into a side-note)
  • Spilling text around a graphic clipping path
  • Including content from multiple source documents
  • Adding special formatting support for specific languages (Ruby, Warichu, Yakumono, Kinsoku Shori)
  • layouts for catalogs, product brochures, data sheets, and advertisements

Simon Taylor, the Publishing PM at PTC, says, “There’s nothing APP can’t do.”

That’s our experience too.




Single-Sourcing Solutions has been able to accomplish things that no one thought could ever get done. Single-Sourcing Solutions was brought in to our project for their expertise in Stylesheet development. Delivering fully-compliant, traditional MIL-SPEC print deliverables from S1000D source, a structure that doesn't really support the needs for MIL-SPEC.

The task was a daunting one. First, to produce print output for 25 variants and 6 customers from one highly-complex and highly-modular Stylesheet. Then, to produce IETMs for all of our customers from one highly-complex and highly-modular Stylesheet.

Personally, I have found them to amazingly responsive, dependable and highly reliable. Their team has operated as a true partner to us in delivering high quality work on time and in budget. I would definitely recommend them and will use them in the future.

Team Lead, Technical Publications , General Atomics

Avaya hired Single-Sourcing Solutions to convert some documentation from FrameMaker to DITA. It was a great pleasure to work with their team—they understood what we wanted very quickly and was willing to try several samples until we had ironed out all the issues between the Frame source files and the desired DITA output. Once we had vetted the process, they delivered every conversion job quickly and efficiently. Single-Sourcing Solutions is definitely one of the best consultanting companies I have ever worked with, and I would gladly hire them again.

Lead Technical Writer, Technical Publications, Avaya

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