Transforming content strategies to component content management

Is your content ready to meet the biggest challenge? Are you able to provide your customers with detailed information designed specifically for them and in the media they choose? Can you do this on demand?

If not, then join us as we talk about how you can transform your existing content strategies to a component based content strategy. It isn’t just content you need to think of, but the components of content.

Creating a strategy at this level allows for a great deal more fluidity in providing dynamic information across the entire enterprise. You can establish the infrastructure to be able to provide customized output based on user preference or media demand such as the social media sites. There is a significant ROI you can capture, especially in terms of customer service.

Speaker: Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions

When: Lavacon, 2011

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Transformative Approach to Component Content Management

What true component-level content management can do for you and your bottom line.

Your information content is a critical business asset. It is a key differentiator of you, your organization, and what you have to offer customers.

For some, it is the first introduction you have to potential new customers and for the rest an integral tool in retaining and expanding your existing customer relationships.

Traditionally people have viewed content in isolated silos. Separating marketing and product management from the engineering development from support services. In today’s market place, leaders have taken a transformative approach and have broken down the archaic barriers to allow for a dynamic flow of information and collaboration while still maintaining a high level of visibility into all facets of the lifecycle. How? By changing the way they manage content! Continue reading “Transformative Approach to Component Content Management”

XML Implementations and Information Lifecycle

This panel explores the XML information lifecycle and how XML and content tools and systems can be deployed to their best advantage

XML and content tools need to be thoughtfully configured to create feasible processes that produce the desired business benefits. This session explores the XML information lifecycle and how XML and content tools and systems can be deployed to their best advantage.

Presented at:  Gilbane Boston 2010

Presentation:  Panel #T7. “XML Implementations & Information Lifecycle”

Moderator: Dale Waldt, Senior Consultant, Outsell’s Gilbane Group

  • Barry Schaeffer, Senior Consultant, Gilbane Group, “Managing the XML Information Life Cycle in a Changing World”
  • Doug Gorman, Founder, Simply XML, “Just in Time and Just Enough DITA for Enterprise Adoption”
  • Liz Fraley, Founder and CEO, Single-Sourcing Solutions, “Component Content Management” 
As always, members of the Single-Sourcing Solutions Mastermind Group will have access to the recording, slides, and transcript on the members website.