To DITA or Not To DITA (Another Take)

It’s hard to miss the hype about DITA. But what is the reality? How can you or your organization make an informed decision about whether to migrate to a DITA-based workflow? Is DITA the best choice for you? Or would you be better served by other technologies or COTS (common off-the-shelf) solutions?

DITA has helped many organizations improve the efficiency of their publishing workflows. But is DITA for you? In this TC Dojo session, Alan Houser will attempt to separate the DITA hype from the reality. You will learn: Continue reading “To DITA or Not To DITA (Another Take)”

Advanced Modules – Managing DocBook and DITA

Do you have content in both DocBook and DITA? Are you worried that it has to be one or the other? Two doctypes means two stylesheets, right?

It’s not as bad as you think! If you’ve been following the teachings at the Dojo and using best practices, you’re already using modular stylesheets.

Come to this session to find out how you can toss up a new stylesheet for a new doctype in a matter of minutes!
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