Style Guides: Fashionable But Also Practical

Having problems with inconsistently written documentation? Do your user manuals need some help themselves? If so, then you need a style guide for your technical writing team. We’re not talking about what they should wear, but how they should write.

Content couturier Keith Schengili-Roberts (IXIASOFT) talks about what they are, why you need them and how to use them effectively. While not exclusively focusing on DITA, Keith will also talk about why a style guide is a necessity for any team working with DITA.

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Key Referencing – The Key to Reuse

Topic based content enables organizations to piece content together to fit different customer needs. But often times this content can’t be shared and reused to its full potential because it contains product names, specific values, screenshots, links, or other content that would be out of place in another context. This means that conceptually or procedurally identical content is duplicated for different audiences, products, or even brandings.

This webinar will take a look at how to reduce or eliminate this issue using DITA Key-referencing.
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