Part 1. Organization – Information Architecture Bottom-Up

The advent of electronic media and particularly the Web has profoundly changed how people seek and use information. Information seeking today is dominated by search, and not by search of individual works, but search of the whole: whole sites, whole doc sets, and, in particular, the whole Web. With search, and with hypertext systems, you don’t start at the top and work down, you dive to the bottom and work your way up or sideways. Despite these changes, much tech comm content is still organized top down and written to be read top down. But content organized top down does not work well for readers navigating from the bottom up. To serve them well, we need a bottom-up information architecture. Continue reading “Part 1. Organization – Information Architecture Bottom-Up”

How to Think Like An Indexer

Indexing is a profession: Learn from the experts! This session had a lot of votes, so we found Lucie Haskins, professional indexer, and found a time when she can come talk!

Here’s what she’s going to talk about:

In the age of rapid fire information exchange, the artful skill of categorizing and organizing content has never been more critical. For Technical Communicators, the complexities are astounding when you consider accessibility from multiple perspectives and then compounded when you factor multi channel delivery. In this TC Dojo we will show you how you can begin to think like an indexer when designing your strategy. How to categorize and organize hierarchies of information and, most importantly, how to craft your indexing from objectivity. This Dojo session will introduce you to the skills that will enable you to create succinct indexes consistently for all of your publications.

  • When: 9 December 2013
  • Audience: All Levels
  • Cost: Free

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Under-the-hood multimedia publishing

Take your content to the Monster Garage and transform that old dusty PDF into tricked out Digital Media complete with interactive capabilities.

If you are like most companies, you want to stand out in the crowd. You want your company image to make an impact and be remembered.  You want your customers to be able to find the information they need, when they want it.

What you need to do is take your content to the Monster Garage and transform that old dusty PDF into tricked out digital media complete with interactive capabilities.

Join us for this 1 hour web session where Jean Kaplansky of PTC will take you for an “under the hood” peak at Arbortext Digital Media Publisher. She will show us how to wrench the nuts-and-bolts of your product information and create output your consumers will savor and your competitors will envy.

So put on your shop coat ‘cause we are going to:

  • Go under the hood – for a tour of Digital Media Publisher and Digital Media Consumer
  • Give it a new paint job – Making the DMC look and feel all yours with a Custom Frameset
  • Soup up your Searches – Configuring and Customizing end user Search functionality for the ultimate searching experience
  • Trick out your Dashboard – Giving users a way to interact with Digital Media Publisher content via basic web UI controls

Continue reading “Under-the-hood multimedia publishing”