If you have information about your company’s product or services that needs to be delivered to customers, whether it’s in print or electronic form, chances are you have heard of XML. Are you finding yourself in the position of having to explain to others:

  • What’s all the big deal about XML?
  • Why should I care?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • How is it going to save me time?
  • How will I lower cost?

Then come and listen to our expert panel of industry leaders as they share with you a bit of their journey and what the true ROI is of XML. Experts from Hewlett-Packard, Medtronic, Nortel, and Toro.

No matter how large or small, how new or how old your company is or what technology or service your company provides XML can have significant returns for you in:

  • Reuse content for faster delivery of information
  • Separation of form and content (your writers can write rather than try to tweak with documents to get them to look right)
  • Ability to deliver information in the language and format of choice
  • Utilize resources more effectively to help you meet your deliverables/Do more with less/Improve time to market/Productivity

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders who are interested in gaining a competitive edge by improving product information.
  • Content creators who are trying to help their management understand the need for change.
  • Executives with P&L responsibility who need to drive to a greater ROI.

This presentation was originally a Webinar

About our Panelists

Charlotte Robidoux, HP. Charlotte Robidoux, PhD, is a Content Strategy Manager at Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) and has over 17 years of experience in technical communication. At HP, she oversees the single sourcing strategy and implementation for the Enterprise Storage and Servers. Charlotte earned her PhD from the Catholic University of America in rhetoric and technical communication. She is the author of “Rhetorically Structured Content: Developing a Collaborative Single-Sourcing Curriculum” published in Technical Communication Quarterly, co-author of “Is There a Write Way to Collaborate?” published in Intercom, and co-author of “Streamline Your Path to Metadata” published in The Information Management & Architecture Framework (October 2009). She is co-editor of Collaborative Writing in Virtual Workplaces: Computer-Mediated Communication Technologies and Tools (2010).

Greg Johnson, Medtronic. Greg Johnson is a seasoned technical communicator who also—and very importantly—had been involved in implementing a single-sourcing solution at his previous company before implementing the single-sourcing solution at Medtronic. He was part of the original team that constructed Medtronic’s business case in 1994. He was integral in designing the single-sourcing system they continue to use today.

Andy Pieper, Toro. Andrew Pieper is Team Lead of the Instructional Communications Team for The Toro Company. He has been a technical writer for twenty years, the last thirteen at Toro. Andrew holds a bachelors degree in English and technical communications from Mankato State University. He has previously presented at both AUGI and PTC/USER conferences.

Todd Nowlan, Nortel. Todd Nowlan is currently IT Project Manager responsible for maintaining and supporting the documentation and training CMSs for a large telecom equipment provider. Todd has more than 16 years experience with the methods and toolsets associated with structured authoring, XML authoring, and content management. He has held various technical and management roles supporting small and large user communities, including experience developing XML business cases, deriving technical requirements, testing, and deploying processes and systems.

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