Members-Only Website

Membership has it's rewards

As a member of the TC Dojo Mastermind group, you have unlimited access to the Single-Sourcing Solutions knowledge base. Over the years we have amassed a good deal of very helpful bits of information.

Our archive also contains a good deal of specialized training material that is particularly beneficial for those using Arbortext tools. All of our Arbortext Monster Garage trainings focused on the technical tricks to making Arbortext even easier to use like how to program API's. We also have our TC Dojo Arbortext specialized trainings that take you through how to create a style sheet from start to finish, including how to troubleshoot if you have problems along the way.

The Members Only website has forums for Mastermind members to collaborate with each other. Members post tips, templates, and procedures that other members have expressed interest in sharing.

There are other treasures to find in our Forum including helpful forms, great archived articles, sample code, transcripts, notes, some of our favorite videos, and a much more.