We Know Arbortext

Need help with your Arbortext Configuration?

Whether you have an existing Arbortext install or setting up your brand new Arbortext system, we can help. We know how to make sure that your Arbortext implementation meets your company's business requirements, needs, and staffing resources.

Arbortext Desktop and Server Applications Configuration

This option provides for the installation and configuration of Arbortext Desktop and Server publishing products. For custom doctypes, it includes the configuration of that doctype for easy use by authors and publishing tools and for the configuration of profile attributes.

If you need assistance for an existing installation, we review of your current installation to ensure the application is installed for optimal use and consistency. We fix problems that we have identified based on our review of the data, doctypes, and any other content available.

If desired, specializations (and the configuration thereof) of doctypes may be included if there is enough time remaining or if there are other services that are typically otherwise included that you do not require.

Arbortext Content Manager (ACM) Configuration

This option covers installing out-of-the-box ACM functionality, optionally including PDMLink, ProjectLink, or SLM. One ACM implementaiton is included. Services include:

  • Installation - The software will be installed at the customer's site. This includes instllation of the actual PTC software and the configuration of supporting software required for it to work effectivly. This includes a web-server (typically Apache), a supporting database (Oracle or SQL Server), various method servers, automatic visualization publication services, and available templates.
  • Configuration - Standard configuration includes the set up of appropriate Organizations, Products, Project Templates, the Change Management Workflow (if ACM PDMLink), User Roles, Folder Structure, Attribute maps, reports, permission structures, and external vaulting requirements, as requested.
  • Arbortext Publishing Integration - Configure ACM-APE (Arbortext Publishing Engine) communication, define rules inside ACM, and configure the communication between the two for hands-off publishing from ACM.