If you thought we didn't pay attention to the survey results, we do. In fact, we have Eliot Kimber in March because someone in the TC Dojo asked for him. To be specific, they asked for him to talk about keys.

After 6 years, 82 sessions, and more than 1770 votes, we've opened up a call for TC Dojo proposals.

Do you have expertise you want to share? Do you want to raise your profile in the eyes of your colleagues? Do you have someone you want to nominate to speak? If you want to be a TC Dojo Expert or know someone who should, submit a proposal!

You can nominate yourself or someone else. If you don't think you have anything to share, think again. We've all learned things over our career. We all have lessons to share. Stories to tell. If you're not sure, check the survey to see what topics people are voting on and pick one of those.

We'll leave the call for submissions open. There's no deadline. TC Dojo sessions happen every month.

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