Room 42 is recorded before a live studio audience
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Native to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dr. Jason Tham is an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. Prior to working in Texas, Jason lived in Minnesota for 10 years while completing his degrees. Now, Jason teaches user experience research, information design, and digital rhetoric while doing research in technical communication practices, pedagogy, and technology. He is especially interested in how “design thinking” can help bring about meaningful disruptions to the modern workplace and higher education. In his most recent book, Design Thinking in Technical Communication, Jason unpacks the relationship between design-centric methods for strategic problem solving, collaboration, teaching and learning, and socially responsive innovation. With Joe Moses of the University of Minnesota, he co-authored the Collaborative Writing Playbook (link to come), which provides a flexible framework for instructors who assign team based projects using design thinking attributes.

Dr. Jason Tham will share some of his research and conclusions from his newly published book. His book is essential reading for instructors, students, and practitioners of technical communication, who want to apply principles of usability and user-centered design to their process. Design thinking should be a core methodology and mindset for technical communicators. Thinking like a designer means taking a “radical collaborative” approach––an attribute of design thinking––in college education, research training, and professional development. We'll start at the beginning with a definition of design thinking and its meaning for technical communication contexts, including some of the history and places where it is currently in use in the workplace and in training circles.

In this session, you will learn how applying some attributes of design thinking like "empathy" and "radical collaboration" can make us all better technical communicators.

Hosts & Guests

Jason Tham

Janice Summers

Liz Fraley



His books:

  • Collaborative Writing Playbook available at Parlor Press and Amazon
  • Design Thinking in Technical Communication; Solving Problems through Making and Collaboration available at Routledge and Amazon

Room 42 sessions are recorded before a live studio audience

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