Room 42 is recorded before a live studio audience
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Dr Traci Nathans-Kelly, is currently the Associate Director for the Engineering Communications Program at Cornell University, College of Engineering. Traci has taught technical, business, engineering, and scientific communication courses since 1989. She co-authored IEEE’s “English for Technical Professionals” online course, and she serves on the IEEE Educational Activities Board, the IEEE Continuing Education Committee, and the Editorial Board for IEEE’s Teaching Excellence Hub. Based on her extensive work in the field of presentation design, she co-authored the book, Slide Rules: Design, Build, and Archive Presentations in the Engineering and Technical Fields with Christine Nicometo, published by IEEE-Wiley. Her most recent online certificate for practicing professionals is "Technical Presentations," offered through eCornell.

There are better and worse ways to calculate the multiple uses that any slide deck may have for a single project. We will discuss how to optimize the design of slides to 1) best support speakers in their live talks, and 2) create slide files that have lasting documentation, archival, or legacy value. Current default slide templates perpetuate the worst practices possible for content developers, audiences, and users alike; learn how to change those poor practices!

Dr. Traci Nathans-Kelly discusses how to create slides for technical presentations that support you and add value to your message. She is an expert in guiding STEM students in crafting better presentations and adopting habits that help them maximize the value of their slides. Imagine creating slides that not only support speakers in their live talks but have lasting archival value as well. Learn how to put a good presentation together rather than simply low value cue cards.

Hosts & Guests

Traci Nathans-Kelly

Janice Summers

Liz Fraley

Room 42 sessions are recorded before a live studio audience

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