Room 42 is where practitioners and academics meet to share knowledge about breaking research. In this episode, Pam Estes Brewer explains how practitioners can turn innovation in the field into publishable research than can build change and support career growth.

Season 1, Episode 10 | 44 min
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Research and publication in the field of technical communication largely takes place within universities where folks are trained in how to produce reliable and valid research.  However, much of the innovation in the field takes place in industry, among practitioners who are working out on the front lines.  

These practitioners often have not had training in how to conduct reliable and valid research that can be published and/or instigate needed changes within their workplaces.  

In this Room 42, join Pam Estes Brewer to discuss how you might take your research ideas and implement research that is both reliable and valid—research that can be published, build change that is needed in your organizations, and support your career growth.

About the Speaker

Pam Estes Brewer, Ph.D., Professor at Mercer University

Pam Estes Brewer is a technical communicator, educator, and management consultant. She has spent the past 15 years researching and publishing on remote teaming, including international teaming and her book, International Virtual Teams: Engineering Global Success, was published in 2015.

She teaches in Mercer University’s School of Engineering and directs the online MS in Technical Communication Management, the Mercer User Experience Lab and its work with such organizations as the Department of Homeland Security. She serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication and as a board member for the Wesley Foundation of Macon.

Contact her at: or on LinkedIn:

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Pam Estes Brewer

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Her book, Hayhoe, G. F. & Brewer, P. E. (2020). A Research Primer for Technical Communication (2nd ed.), Routledge.

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