Room 42 is where practitioners and academics meet to share knowledge about breaking research. In this episode, Guiseppe Getto, East Carolina University, explains how technical communicators can create user-focused, context-driven content to improve customer experience at every point along the customer journey.

Season 1, Episode 11 | 47 min
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Guiseppe Getto is an Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at East Carolina University and is President and Founder of Content Garden, Inc., a digital marketing, content strategy, and UX firm: His research focuses on utilizing user experience (UX) design, content strategy, and other participatory research methods to help people improve their communities and organizations. He has published a co-edited collection, Content Strategy in Technical Communication, with Routledge. The findings of his research have been published in many peer-reviewed journals such as IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication; Technical Communication; and Computers and Composition. His work has also appeared in industry-based publications such as Intercom and Boxes and Arrows.

Technical content is increasingly valuable to organizations as savvy consumers search for reviews, tutorials, and technical specifications for their favorite products and services. Technical communicators exist at the crossroads of the customer journey, where information gathering, buying habits, and loyalty coalesce. But in many organizations, no one is truly in charge of improving the customer experience across all content channels. Someone needs to be. 

In this Room 42, join Guiseppe Getto to discuss how technical communicators can create user-focused, context-driven content to improve the customer experience. So that maybe that someone to take charge can be you!

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