Room 42 is where practitioners and academics meet to share knowledge about breaking research. In this episode, Rebekka Andersen, University of California Davis explains how practitioners can extract value from academic research and increase the relevance of research in their own professional work.

Season 1, Episode 6 | 47 min
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Rebekka Andersen has a Ph.D. in Professional Writing and is an Associate Professor in the University Writing Program at the University of California, Davis. She teaches courses in professional and technical communication and serves as the Associate Director for Professional Writing. Her research focuses on implications of content management practices for education and research in technical communication, as well as on strategies for building stronger connections between academia and industry. She serves on the Advisory Council for the Center for Information-Development Management, is a member of the editorial or reviewer boards of several journals in the field of professional and technical communication, and is the Associate Editor for case studies for IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication.

Learn how we can all increase the relevance of research. First, learn how academics can increase the value, relevance, and accessibility of their research for non-academic readers. Then, find out how practitioners can get more benefit from academic research.

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