Room 42 is where practitioners and academics meet to share knowledge about breaking research. In this episode, Samantha Blackmon explains how you can improve customer success by using content techniques perfected by the games industry.

Season 1, Episode 9 | 65 min
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Samantha Blackmon (she/her) is a gamer/researcher/games researcher who loves playing games with her daughter and talking about games with anyone else who will listen or watch. She is passionate about games and making the games community a more inclusive space. Her research focuses on bringing together the voices of gamers, academics, and games industry folks in order to get a fuller picture of the games community and all of the people who comprise it. Her greatest academic goal is to create scholarship that is informed by and accessible to those outside of the academy, which makes for some pretty non-traditional work. 

Her recent work has included looking at how to use games in the classroom and a Black Feminist Mixtape analysis of how Black women have affected the video game industry. She is currently working on a project that pays homage to the upcoming 10th anniversary of her blog and podcast, Not Your Mama’s Gamer, and a project that looks at representation and visibility of marginalized people on live streaming platforms. Samantha loves video games, books, crafting, and coffee, definitely coffee.

Learn how technical communicators can use techniques pioneered and perfected in the games industry in their scholarship, their content projects, and in the classroom. We'll talk about the importance of reaching your audience, meeting them where they are, so you can reflect and relate to them. We'll also discuss how lessons from the gaming industry can be useful anywhere people are learning, absorbing, and interacting with content. For example, Samantha talks about how games have a way of "scaffolding their tutorials" so as to promote quick adoption and long term retention in content consumers. In this session, practitioners will learn how they can take these lessons and apply them in their daily content projects.

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Samantha Blackmon

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