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Slack reminds us of the old IRC channels, if anyone out there remembers those. Liz was invited to Slack pretty early on but resisted using it because she said it was so isolated.

In its earliest days, it was mostly browser-based, every space was separate, and you could only see one channel at a time. You'd have to log in and out, in and out, again and again, to access all the spaces you were a part of. Frankly, it was just too much work.

Over the last couple of months, we have been delighted to discover that both the mobile and desktop clients have fixed that problem. You can log into multiple channels at the same time from one client interface.

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How to Join

We now have a public Slack workspace:

While both channels are open to the public, both also have private members-only areas for TPC Affinity Group members and customers.

Why join?

We're going to launch live chat during the TC Dojo in October when easyDITA steps up to talk about Reuse. The slack channel will preserve the discussion in a way that the questions during a webinar never do.

In addition, at least one of us (probably our own Liz Fraley) will monitor the channels during the daytime (Pacific/US) on a regular basis. It's been our long-standing policy to do as Michael Hahn always said: "I'll answer any number of 5-minute questions for long as they're not all in sequence."

What happens if you need more than five minutes? Then answering your question takes work and you really should book an appointment.

Until then we'll be here if you want to talk.

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