Bursting Files for Arbortext-Windchill MIL-STD Doctypes


Arbortext .bcf files necessary for connecting MIL-STD doctypes to Windchill.

Group license. Not for general distribution.

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These bursting files connect Arbortext Editor to Windchill for the AMCOM MIL-STD-38784 DTD (atcom). These files expect that you have set up the folder structure and soft types according to the best practices defined in Arbortext 201.

These files follow the configuration described in Arbortext 201: Configuring Arbortext for MIL-STD Doctypes, book #5 in the Arbortext Monster Garage Series.

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MIL-STD-38784 (atcom), MIL-STD-40051 C


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Arbortext 201: Configuring Arbortext for MIL-STD Doctypes

Learn the basics for getting Arbortext and Windchill configured for the MIL-STD-38784 doctype.

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