Individual Mastermind Membership (Monthly)


Monthly Subscription. Individual Members get access to ONE, pre-selected, Mastermind Group, plus 30-minutes private mentoring. One per person.




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Annual subscription. Limited to one per person.

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Individual Members get access to ONE, pre-selected, Mastermind Group and ONE complimentary Speed Consulting (30-minutes) private mentoring session monthly.

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Detailed description.

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Book your Mentoring Session

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Additional information

Group Access

Access to one Mastermind Group (Choose one: Techcomm General, Arbortext Users, or Windchill for IT)

Renewal Term


Private Mentoring

Yes, 30 minutes per month, does not roll over

Membership Website

Access to SELECTED Group’s forum on Members-only website; no private area


1 Discounted pass on Training (limit 1 per year, does not roll over); 1 Discounted pass on Workshops (limit 1 per year, does not roll over)

Response time


Terms and Limitations

Individual memberships cannot be combined or chained together. One membership per person.

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