TC Dojo Conclave

What is the TC Dojo Conclave?

The TC Dojo Conclave is a community public service project to support STC Chapter program coordinators worldwide.

The TC Dojo Conclave’s goal is to bring together interested STC chapter leaders, members, and community organizers who want to collaborate and fight idea burnout.

As a group, techcomm community organizers face unique challenges in the way professionals come together.

To improve our organizational offerings to both our members and to reach into our local techcomm communities, we have created the TC Dojo Conclave to help chapters collaborate and organize across regional boundaries.

In the TC Dojo Conclave, we aim to provide a collaborative space that allows leaders to connect and share successful program initiatives and lessons learned as well.

Why Join?

Everyone needs inspiration. 

In order for us to grow our chapters and our influence, we must reach out and attract new members. We must put on programs that will draw attendees to our events and our chapters.

To attract new members, we can’t cater to ideas that have always worked. We can’t limit our surveys to our members or we risk attracting new members and alienating those who want to become more involved but who aren’t the people we know well.

We know we must diversify our events, our leadership, and our ideas so more and new people are attracted to the programs and events we offer.

If your chapter has been struggling with getting both volunteers and with attendance numbers, this group is for you. By collaborating with other chapters you can avoid burnout in the leadership and grow your chapter rather than watch it fade into obscurity.


Virtual meetings

Quarterly conference calls where community organizers gather to share ideas, strategies, and experiences


Ready resources

Share and share alike. If you are like us, you like to tap into ready-resources whenever you can. 


Work together to collaborate, learn, and get early access to new group projects

Meet and share every quarter

Members have the opportunity to join a quarterly call to discuss and share event ideas and program strategy. This is your chance for candid conversations aimed at practical needs.

This is your chance to develop deep connections with other STC professionals, leaders and innovators all. Together members work as a team, helping each other to develop programs and ideas to attract techcomm professionals in their varied local professional networks.

Who can join?

We understand that to truly drive inspiration you need a wide array of individuals from a diverse geographic, cultural, and industry working together.

We also know that leaders start as interested and dedicated individuals.

The TC Dojo Conclave is open to everyone – not just chapter leaders – because we want to encourage the development of new leaders and we can only do that through inclusion.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to join the TC Dojo Conclave.

Although the TC Dojo is sponsored by Single-Sourcing Solutions, members of the TC Dojo Conclave are considered separate from the Single-Sourcing Solutions business. They are are pleased to provide logistical and coordination support STC Chapters and their need for a collaborative space. (Thanks, Liz!)

Join the TC Dojo Conclave

There is no cost to join to the TC Dojo Conclave. You can cancel at anytime.

Current Project: The Aggregate Calendar

From the team you know you can count on

Single-Sourcing Solutions has a proven track record supporting the communities we are a part of.

Because we value the efforts of STC chapters, leaders, and techcomm professionals, are pleased to provide logistical and coordination support their need for a collaborative space.

Our commitment to fostering strong community relationships and improving the lives of everyone in them differentiates us from our competitors. We are unmatched at creating new ways for technical communicators to grow their knowledge, skills, and confidence. We have a proven track record of creating unique community service projects like these: