Arbortext-in-the-Cloud: Arbortext Software as a Service

The industry’s first Arbortext SaaS solution for Web-based authoring, content management, localization, and single-source publishing.

Arbortext SAAS is an end-to-end product information delivery system that automates the authoring and publishing processes for the delivery of high quality, tailored product information — in the Cloud. Single-Sourcing Solutions delivers a fully functional Arbortext environment that provides a seamless production environment available completely through a web browser.

Arbortext publishing with advanced information management behind it. Arbortext SaaS is an “all inclusive” web-based editorial and production system that supports the creation, management, translation, and single-source publishing of your content.

  • Browser-based authoring tool for distributed teams
  • Collaborative editorial and peer review
  • Powerful search/query of all content
  • Content management, versioning and access control for all of your content formats
  • Automated workflow management
  • Optional integrated language translation tools
  • Fully integrated single-source publishing to PDF, HTML, eBook, and more
  • Manage information content in any file format (DITA, Docbook, S1000D, XML, SGML, MS-Word, FrameMaker, Interleaf, PPT, GIF, WMV, MP3, or any other).
  • Maintain associative links between delivered content and supporting information and collaborative commentary.

Your content is safely managed in the Amazon Web Services cloud, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee. System upgrades are performed automatically, so you never have to worry about updating client machines again.

Features & Benefits

Content creation, management, and versioning

Arbortext-in-the-Cloud supports the entire content life cycle, from authoring of original content, through editorial review and approval, localization to multiple languages, and single-source publishing to multiple output formats, including PDF, HTML, RTF, and eBook.

  • 100% Browser-based environment
  • Complete “all inclusive” system supports the entire content life cycle:
    • XML authoring
    • editorial review
    • workflow
    • translation automation
    • single-source publishing to popular output formats
  • Controlled, shared repository that handles multiple versions of both source content and finished publications
  • Supports collaboration of geographically dispersed teams
  • Manages critical processes such as configuration management and release of publications.
  • Manage complex information assets and
  • Streamline your document and publishing processes.

Software as a Service

  • No large capital investment; simply pay a monthly license fee.
  • Servers are available 24/7, never worry about downtime.
  • Secure data center guarantees protection of confidential data.
  • No need to update software on multiple client machines.
  • No more internal IT support costs; upgrades and backups are managed by our data center staff.

Automated Single-Source Publishing

  • “Out of the box” support for high-end XML-based composition to PDF, HTML Help, CHM, the DITA Open Toolkit, and MS-Word, eBook, and DVD image formats.
  • Online help can .
  • Secure data center guarantees protection of confidential data.
  • No need to update software on multiple client machines.
  • No more internal IT support costs; upgrades and backups are managed by our data center staff.

Complete Product Information Delivery Environment

Browser-based access to the following software included:

  • Arbortext Editor
  • Arbortext Windchill (includes translation services automation module)
  • Arbortext Publishing Engine
  • Arbortext eLearning Library (optional, additional)

* All software has a localized UI and support for authoring and publishing localized content

Reporting and Search

  • Standard reports generator included
  • Create user-generated reports such as “Where used”, audit trail, associated discussions out-of-the-box
  • Full-text search and metadata search in the CMS and inside individual files


  • Configure workflow to meet your unique needs while automating commonly repeated tasks
  • Set up and configure as many roles as needed: administrator, author, reviewer, translator, and others.
  • Design workflows on-the-fly with a graphical workflow designer
  • Assign asks for creating new information or updating existing information

Translation and localization

  • Automatically package, deliver, receive, and publish content from the translation vendor of your choice
  • Support for all the major localization services companies.
  • Built-in, full support for 70 languages:
    • content
    • spelling, dictionaries, thesaurus
    • print-hyphenation
    • indexing
    • localized user interface with localized online help

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