PTC Expands Technology Leadership With Enhanced Product Development System Capabilities

Supports managed associativity for the technical illustration process, visual collaboration, and environmental compliance

NEEDHAM, MA. - June 8, 2009 - PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), The Product Development Company®, today announced new and enhanced capabilities for many of its product lines, including its Windchill®, Arbortext®, ProductViewTM, and InsightTM software solutions, all critical components of the PTC® Product Development System (PDS). The PTC PDS provides a complete, scalable product development platform that leverages PTC's unique combination of strengths to help companies achieve their corporate goals through product development process optimization. These new enhancements are being delivered during June-July 2009 so that customers can take immediate advantage of the improvements, increasing the value delivered by the PDS and extending PTC's technology leadership.


PTC continues to enhance Windchill® to give customers greater content and process management capabilities with the following new features:

  • Integral solution for Requirements Management - PTC introduces Windchill RequirementsLink,( PTC Closes The Loop Between Product Requirements And Design With Windchill RequirementsLinkTM separately announced press release dated June 8, 2009) an optional module which will help ensure customer and market needs have been satisfied by managing, tracking, and cross-referencing product requirements as part of the overall product development process.
  • Expanded Pro/ENGINEER® compatibility with support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire® 5.0 (PTC Addresses Key Barriers to Productivity with Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire® 5.0 separately announced press release dated June 8, 2009)
  • PDS Interoperability - Mathcad®, Arbortext IsoDraw®, CoCreate® Drafting and CADDS® 5 content can be captured, controlled and shared within a single enterprise environment, and even within a single product structure.
  • Windchill Webparts for SharePoint - This new module will allow Windchill information such as tasks and assignments to be presented to users in a familiar Microsoft SharePoint® interface
  • Windchill Gateway for I-deas® TDM - I-deas TDM design data can be captured within Windchill as part of the overall product configuration
  • Enhanced integration with CATIA® V5 - The Windchill Workgroup Manager for CATIA V5 will now include support for CGR cache mode and enhanced CATIA V5 document link support

According to the recent Aberdeen Group Report "Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions Axis for Hardgoods Manufacturers, Q2, 2009" PTC ranks first among PLM Solution providers on market readiness and value delivered to customers. The report cites PTC's architectural and development strategy, the overall capabilities of Windchill, and its synergy and integration with other applications within the PDS. "From a product perspective, PTC has continuously invested heavily in the organic development of products based on Windchill, resulting in a broad and deep solution. As a result, Windchill supports and enables core product development processes of manufacturers today."


Arbortext IsoDraw® 7.1 will now be fully integral with Windchill PDMLink® to provide the industry's only solution to track and manage the entire associative relationship between original CAD designs, related 2D and 3D illustrations and the associated product information used for the operation, service and maintenance of equipment. This integration ensures that illustrations are updated and introduced in-line with product updates in a managed way.

In addition, the latest release of Arbortext will include usability and interoperability improvements that will enhance end-to-end product information delivery. This includes:

  • Expanded authoring reach with Arbortext Editor with an ActiveX version for Web-based deployment, new offline authoring capabilities, and the ability to launch Arbortext Editor from the Windchill PDMLink Software Downloads page
  • Automated, rapid publishing of interactive content using Arbortext Digital Media Publisher and Arbortext Styler
  • Broader 3D illustration capabilities with native support for additional CAD formats including CATIA, JT, Unigraphics® and SolidWorks® with Arbortext IsoDraw using the ProductView Adapters


PTC's free, downloadable release of visual collaboration software, ProductView Express, is now built on the same high-performance architecture as ProductView MCAD Professional. ProductView Express 9.1 not only provides import and viewing of individual Pro/ENGINEER® and other CAD-based ProductView files without requiring authoring software, it also delivers unparalleled visualization capabilities for both large and small assemblies. With ProductView Express, users can spin, pan, and zoom parts and assemblies, as well as review markups and other product manufacturing information to enable 3D collaboration across the entire supply chain.


InSight Environmental Compliance, a module of PTC's product analytics software, will be integrated with Windchill PDMLink 9.1 to provide a solution that tracks and manages compliance requirements that are relevant to a product configuration. As companies are now faced with a growing set of standards and environmental compliance regulations, this new integration allows engineers to verify that their product is compliant with evolving regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and WEEE.

Expanding Technology Leadership Throughout Product Development

Product development innovation requires the support of technology solutions that are powerful, scalable and rich in capabilities. Since its inception, the PTC PDS has continually evolved to anticipate and support the ever changing landscape of customer requirements. It provides a unified platform of independently great products that work well together to support the upstream, downstream and core product development activities of today's manufacturers.

"PTC continues to execute its unique PDS strategy with the delivery of new capabilities that address the product development challenges facing our customers," said Brian Shepherd, executive vice president, product development, PTC. "These PDS enhancements allow customers to enjoy incremental benefits that help them achieve their product development objectives."


The new capabilities are planned to be available during June and July 2009 except for Windchill RequirementsLink which will be available during Calendar Q4 FY2009. **The timing of any product release, including any features or functionality, is subject to change at PTC's discretion.

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