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SUNNYVALE, CA. - March 31, 2017 - Single-Sourcing Solutions today announced that they have launched a new on-demand video training channel on Vimeo called "Arbortext TC Dojo". This channel will be the new home for episodes of Season Two of the Arbortext TC Dojo video web learning series. Inspired by the earlier success of their "Arbortext Monster Garage" video series and season one of the Arbortext TC Dojo, Single-Sourcing Solutions was looking for a better way to deliver more learning opportunities for Arbortext users.

"In the Arbortext Monster Garage, the focus was on the deep modifications that users have made to Arbortext applications and highlighted individual community members who had wrenched their applications to achieve highly effective content creation-publication workflows," said Elizabeth Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions. "While the AMG videos drew large crowds, we found that most attendees were overwhelmed."

The first season of the Arbortext TC Dojo was released on YouTube to test the concept and audience reaction. The success of those videos drove Single-Sourcing Solutions to renew the series and produce season two, which is now available on the Arbortext On Demand channel on Vimeo. Episode topics were chosen based on the popularity of questions to Single-Sourcing Solutions staff and the frequency with which those topics came up in the Arbortext TPC Affinity Group.

"PTC has a great eLearning library and we always recommend our customers get at least one license of it when they are starting out," Fraley said. "However, we've found that customers want short, focused bursts of training on specific topics. And that's what we've delivered with season two."

Users will be available to rent individual titles or to purchase a monthly subscription to the channel.

Season three is currently in production.

Learn more about the Arbortext On Demand Vimeo Channel at http://arbortext.training

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