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Welcome to the TC Dojo Conclave

We'll get our inspiration back together!

We'll be in touch with details about the when and where for the next quarterly conference call. Please put the event on your calendar and join in. We all benefit by working together and the conference call is essential for making that happen.

This is not the TC Dojo

If you want to get TC Dojo announcements, please sign up for that separately.

If you are already on that list, don't be surprised if you get the next Dojo announcement before you get the next Conclave announcement: The TC Dojo happens every month and the Conclave only once a quarter.

Do you know someone else who should be participating in the TC Dojo Conclave?

Don't forward your invitation to the conference call: Please ask them to sign up for themselves! It's the only way to coordinate everyone together. And that way you don't have to remember to invite others; they'll get invited themselves!