Welcome to the TC Dojo!

You will get the TC Dojo announcement newsletter every month. You’ll never miss another session! Attend live, it's the best way to get your questions answered and interact with the many speakers we attract to the TC Dojo.

We've had some great speakers, over the years, speakers like Eliot Kimber, Pam Estes-Brewer, Kirk St. Amant, Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Toni Mantych, and Tom Johnson. We pick speakers and topics based on community voting.

That reminds me! You will also get reminders to vote in the survey (about every six months or so, we don't want to overwhelm you with email). We pay attention to the way the voting stacks up when we're ready to book the next set of webinars. So be sure to register your interests!

While you're waiting for the next dojo...

Or maybe you're interested in something more traditional?