The TC Dojo is a virtual meeting place for the Technical Communications professional. Whether you are just starting out in the field or you are a well-seasoned expert, everyone can gain valuable learning at the TC Dojo.

We called it the a dojo because a dojo (dōjō) is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way". Typically, it is the place for learning and practicing a martial art form. We borrowed the theme and applied it to the practice and learning for the art of Technical Communication.

In keeping with the metaphor, we also borrowed the notion of levels and color representations. However, instead of belts, we have wristbands.

TC Dojo levels

Here are the levels you can achieve in the TC Dojo:

  • Yellow: Anyone who has attended a TC Dojo session (and finds us in the wild)
  • Green: These are slightly more serious students. They've joined one of the TPC Affinity Groups - Techcomm General, Arbortext, or Windchill IT
  • Red: For the professional practitioners, leaders and organizers of content communities of practice. These people apply the same drive and learning to their careers as they do to the work they do every day.
  • Brown: To earn the brown band, you must be a visiting dojo expert and teach a session in the TC Dojo
  • Black: These people are TC Dojo Experts

How can you get one?

Find us at an conference or event coming up and you can get your YELLOW band. We'll have them with us. If you want one of the other colors, you'll have to step it up!

Show your TC Dojo Level!

Anyone who has attended a TC Dojo webinar, watched a video, or voted in the survey can have one of the TC Dojo level wristbands.

If you don’t have one and want one, simply pay shipping and handling and we will send one to you for free!

And if you send us a picture of you wearing your wrist band, we'll add you to the gallery!

Gallery of TC Dojo professionals

People have been picking up their YELLOW band since we started giving them out at STC Summit in May 2016. Are you in there?

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