Periodically, throughout the year, I look at the TC Dojo survey to see what topics and speakers are most in demand by techcomm professionals. Those topics are used to decide upcoming TC Dojo sessions.

In 2018, soft-skills started appearing somewhere in the top 5 most requested topics. This is great because it means I can skip over the same old boring trends session and look for speakers who will give tips on how to keep up!

Personally, I've never been a fan of trends sessions. Trends aren't a meaningful measuring stick: What matters is whether your company is meeting the needs of your customers and your business, not whether you're doing the same thing as everyone else.

It's far more important that you know how to keep up so that you're ready when your boss comes to you and asks if you know how to provide that the new thing your customers need. If you're keeping up, then you know where to go, who to talk to, and how to evaluate whether a particular solution fits the bill. To that end, in our minds: Trends are out. Keeping up is in.

The rest of the time? You can never be sure. The rankings change from month to month as more people vote. I love to watch the voting because it shows the changing nature of what techcomm folks are really interested in at any particular moment in time (and not just what topics the vendors think are hot).

We look at the TC Dojo Survey every month. If you want a say in what the critical topics are, be sure to vote!


Just to set expectations...

Voting will take you a short while. Technical communications is complicated. There are lots of specialties, lots of skills, and lots of tools involved. You can skip around in the survey; you can also make suggestions. Thanks for voting!

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