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Our community projects

We give away information like candy

Our committment to fostering strong community relationships differentiates us from our competitors. We donate 10% of our time to community educational efforts. This is a list of projects that we have founded, created, and organized for the technical communications and Arbortext communities:

Single-Sourcing blogSingle-Sourcing blog

The Single Sourcing blog is focused on information about Arbortext, the community, and the best practices for successful implementation of dynamic information delivery projects.

Adepters code repositoryAdepters code repository

We currently maintian this free Arbortext code archive. We donate the resources and contribute code to the repository on a regular basis.

List of top Arbortext resourcesTop Arbortext Resources List

We maintain the list of top resources for Arbortext users available to date.


You should follow us on Twitter here. We also maintain the list of Arbortext twitterers.

PubWright podcastPubWright podcast

We publish interviews with Arbortext implementers, customers, and experts. Find podcast series on the web here.

TC DojoTC Dojo

Inspired by the success of TC Camp, the TC Dojo is a series of webinars where the topics are chosen by the community and driven by community needs.

Arbortext Lens on SquidooArbortext Lens on Squidoo

We maintain the Arbortext lens on Squidoo: Everything Arbortext in one place.


Find us on Facebook but you might also like to join the Arbortext PTC User group that we organize and run on Facebook group.

Advisory LineAdvisory Line

Let’s face it, there are times when all you need is some quick assistance to help you solve a challenge.

TC CampTC Camp

We founded, organized, and delivered TC Camp, the first unconference for the techcomm community.

Arbortext User Group - SF BayArbortext User Group - SF Bay

We donate time, resources, and administrative support to the SF Bay Arbortext PTC/User Group.


We organize and run the Arbortext PTC/User LinkedIn discussion group and answer questions posted to any number of other groups as well.


View copies of our published papers on docstoc or the individual event pages.

Arbortext Monster GarageArbortext Monster Garage

A webinar series we ran in 2011 where we showed how to trick out your Arbortext environment. All the videos have been posted here.

Single-Sourcing blog at blog on single-sourcing

We publish the Single-Sourcing Blog spot on the


See Pictures of the people who use Arbortext from our Flickr stream.


View copies of our presentations on SlideShare or the individual event pages.

Webinars and PresentationsWebinars and Presentations

We present regularly at industry conferences. Some of our presentations and webinars are product focused, but many are not. We are known for providing high-quality content first and foremost.

PTC Technical CommitteesPTC Technical Committees

Customer-driven Technical Committees for PTC products help current and future product development to PTC. We have been a contributing member of the PTC Arbortext Technical Committee, representing our customer's current and future needs to PTC, since 2005.

Other community resources

Lots of other resources are available, too.

Arbortext has always had a very active community. Users and developers support each other, answer each other's questions, and present at conferences. We talk about everything: We talk about Arbortext, but we talk about all the related technologies that come into play as well. The community is more than just Arbortext customers. One of the strengths of the community -- and of the Arbortext product line -- is that PTC's Engineering team also partcipates in the community. You'll see them answering questions at all times of the day and night, right alongside us.