Hear from our customers

I love the pace [of the online DITA Workshop]. This has been a good learning experience for me. The content is presented in an easy to understand way. And Liz has been very patient with me. Thank you all for your help!!

Bryan G

Field Service Technical Writer

We are killing this job and I attribute most of that to the training that you provided us.  I feel like there is nothing I can't do.


President, AccurPro

It was an absolute privilege to work with Liz. She is able to provide clear and realistic guidance on XML publishing projects and technologies.


Business Development Manager, productONE

Liz Fraley was an exemplary consultant. She immersed herself in the culture and ideas of the company, and performed her design role with poise and above average ability in extremely trying circumstances; with excellent results. I would work with Liz again on any type of technology related project without reservation.


CTO, Synapsys

Single-Sourcing Solutions has been able to accomplish things that no one thought could ever get done. Single-Sourcing Solutions was brought in to our project for their expertise in Stylesheet development. Delivering fully-compliant, traditional MIL-SPEC print deliverables from S1000D source, a structure that doesn't really support the needs for MIL-SPEC.

The task was a daunting one. First, to produce print output for 25 variants and X customers from one highly-complex and highly-modular Stylesheet. Then, to produce IETMs for all of our customers from one highly-complex and highly-modular Stylesheet.

Personally, I have found them to amazingly responsive, dependable and highly reliable. Their team has operated as a true partner to us in delivering high quality work on time and in budget. I would definitely recommend them and will use them in the future.


Team Lead, Technical Publications , General Atomics

During the time I worked with her, Liz was instrumental in bringing the many Technical Publications groups within Northrop Grumman together to help define Information Development best practices.


Manager Tech Data & Training, Technical Publications , Northrop Grumman ES-MS

Its been a pleasure to work with her team. Liz is definitely one of the best consultants I have ever worked with. Liz is our go-to person when we have questions or issues with s1000D, Iso Draw or Arbortext software. I would recommend Liz to anyone, she is very dynamic, intelligent and if she does not know the answer she will get one for you. Thanks for everything Liz!!


Manager, Technical Publications , DataLink Software Consultants

Since meeting Liz, I’ve been grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. She has been a valuable resource for me as an independent consultant and conference manager. Liz listens carefully, provides relevant insight to the situation at hand, and focuses on positive conversations and outcomes. I appreciate her unwavering commitment to helping others in the technical communication profession, whether she’s seeking ways to help individuals or organizing learning opportunities such as TC Camp.


Content strategist, information architect, technical writer

Amazing customer service. Thank you very much. This has been great. We have some information to go play with a little bit. And then we’ll come back to you and confirm or address any challenges we face or take up some other issues we still have on the table. We will schedule a follow-up call after we have some time to try this out. Huge thanks!


Manager, Technical Publications, Moen

Liz is meticulous, energetic, dependable, and focused on satisfying both short-term requirements as well mitigating/solving the longer-term systemic issues. She works well to do the right thing for the company. She is effective at doing evaluations and integrations of third party software and of getting third parties to understand special requirements and of customizing software to work in the needed environment in a maintainable and extensible manner. She is also skilled at adapting, extending, and customizing existing tools as well as writing new tools to meet company usage needs.


Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks

That was a fabulous presentation you did today. It was even better than the one I attended at STC Summit in 2017. Thanks for an incredible seminar.

Past President, Lone Star STC Chapter

Thanks so much for this session (Advance Your Career Through Self-Publishing). It was inspiring (not least because you covered so much practical information in 35 minutes!)

I also took a look at the Kindle samples of Arbortext 101 and Arbortext 102 during my commute. They look great and, although I’m not an Arbortext user, I enjoyed reading them.


Customer Documentation Specialist, Nokia

"While the workshops started in a way I didn't expect, I found a lot of value in them! The examples and exercises helped shift my mindset to be more conscious in my writing and to apply minimalism. I am ready to apply topic-based writing and more interested in future workshops!"

Technical Writer


Will definitely stay with your company for your good support! ?

Tamara H.

Director of Information Technology Services

Thanks, Liz! I purchased your book and am reading it! Thanks for all you do and responding!


The call today was very helpful.  You certainly have a gift for the work you do.  You communicate so well to those who “speak you language” and also to people like me that can only understand the highest level details. Thanks for everything!


Manager, Technical Publications, Moen

I recently was trained by Single-Sourcing Solutions in XSLT and FO. They assigned to me an expert who clearly had a deep understanding of the training material and beyond. Any question I threw at them they were able to offer an informed reply. After the first training session, I was already able to take what they had shown me and apply it to current projects and existing processes. Best training I have ever received!


Team Lead, Technical Publications, Kohler

Liz was awesome! She solidified my suspicions on where the market is headed for Technical Communications and provided professional insight that will help me chart a course of action. Thanks Liz!

Mary Ollinger

Technical Publications Professional

At Northrop Grumman we needed to complete a large conversion effort in a one year effort. I needed experienced Arbortext editors. I did not have the time or budget to train anyone. Two writers did not have experience with Arbortext, but nagged me to hire them. They told me that they were being trained by Single-Sourcing Solutions. I took the risk and to my surprise they were well-trained and, in fact, taught me a few things that I did not know about the Editor. I would recommend Single-Sourcing Solutions to anyone, because they made me successful, and I did not even have a contract with them.


Team Lead/Software Engineer, Technical Publications, Northrop Grumman

Avaya hired Liz to convert some documentation from FrameMaker to DITA. It was a great pleasure to work with her -- she understood what we wanted very quickly and was willing to try several samples until we had ironed out all the issues between the Frame source files and the desired DITA output. Once we had vetted the process, she delivered every conversion job quickly and efficiently. Liz is definitely one of the best consultants I have ever worked with, and I would gladly hire her again.


Lead Technical Writer, Technical Publications, Avaya

I originally hired Liz's team to support our IETM XSLT development. Once we realized how invaluable her talent and expertise were, we extended the contract in order fo them to develop the XSL-FO style sheets we needed for print output of the same data. The task was huge and growing steadily. She was able to reign in configuration of the stylesheets and made my life as the program manager much easier and less stressful. She and her team created customized reports, provided weekly status and also prioritized the work in a logical method in order to reach contract deadlines. I would not hesitate to hire Liz and her team in the future. Thanks Liz and S3!


Technical Writing/Training Manager, Technical Publications , General Atomics

Liz Fraley is an accomplished entrepreneur who willingly shares her professional expertise and knowledge with the professional community. While Liz is widely (and quite justifiably) recognized for her expertise in XML, taxonomies, single-sourcing, and building content publishing ecosystems, she also shines as a coach and a consulting partner who helps her clients to manage successfully through such changes–whether negotiating career transitions between content positions and technologies, large-scale content infrastructure programs, or driving the organizational and cultural changes required to implement and adopt new content standards and processes. Liz brings her coaching skills to bear in a compassionate consulting ethos that focuses on understanding her client’s needs first, then providing the right guidance at the right time to drive positive change that sticks. You’re always in good hands when you work with Liz Fraley.


Knowledge Manager, Brocade

Liz Fraley always gives a great presentation to the STC Silicon Valley Chapter. We get quite a crowd and the scale and complexity of the projects you deal with everyday boggles the mind. You and your company are always welcome at our events.


Past-President, STC Silicon Valley Chapter

Liz, is a very comprehensive and self motivated individual, dedicated to the betterment of the company, its people, and herself. 


Manager, Service Delivery, Northrop Grumman