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Want to play a game, content strategist?

We are always inspired by Lavacon, the Content Strategy Conference. Jack Molisani has worked hard to cultivate an atmosphere that fosters learning while celebrating ingenuity, creativity, connection, and has an energy all of its own. A lot of our most popular presentations and giveaways were inspired by Lavacon. The tarot…

Greetings from the Arbortext Monster Garage whirlwind

If I’m quiet, I’m working. I know a lot of people have been eagerly waiting for Arbortext 103 and 201, but what’s on my desk has priority. All year customer needs have been on the top of the pile. I’ve traveled more in the last year—delivering customized training on Arbortext,…

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The Best USB Headsets for Audio and Web Conferencing

Updated: August 2019 If you work remotely, chances are you spend a lot of time on the phone, on web conferences, and virtual meetings. For you to be productive, the other end of the call has to be able to hear you clearly. There can’t be much in the way of…

Top Authors and Books from My 2018 Reading Challenge

In 2017, I read nearly a book per day. While it was binge reading at its finest, it was too many. By the end of the year there were several books that I didn’t even remember reading, even when I skimmed the opening chapters in an attempt to do the…

Technology that solves the top technical problems for presenters (My Presenter’s Tech Kit)

b Post Summary Updated: 2018-12This post details what is in my Presenter’s Tech Travel Kit. As a frequent presenter, I want to be prepared for any situation and I want it to always work. Ultimately, I’m responsible for solving any technical problems for presenters that arise because of the device I choose to travel…

Industry Trends in Technical Communications 2018

As we close out the year, I’ve written up Industry Trends in Technical Communications we’ve seen in 2018. I don’t believe we should seek out or follow trends. Observations about trends are useful to see what other people are doing and to get a peek at what might be ahead for us….

Create a Rock Solid Foundation for Your Dream Business (Video version of workshop now available)

About this video training course Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to branch out on your own, maybe it’s time to move up in your company, or maybe it’s time for something different. No matter which scenario, for someone to hire you or your company, you must be THE solution that…

Top Books for Children and New Parents

My niece is having a baby and as I realized that I have a list of carefully curated books that I give to new parents. The last couple of years I’ve written about my reading lists, and I write a lot about requirements. When I looked at my curated list…