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Arbortext Implementation Audit

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A special service offered at a discounted rate, the Implementation Audit will give you peace of mind. It's sole purpose is to have someone double check your work (or someone else's) and make sure you're set up for success.

Talk over your questions and stumbling blocks with Arbortext Experts whenever you need help. Get help for your stylesheet, customization, or other questions that apply specifically to you and your situation. We literally wrote the books on it.

Implementation Audit services are prix fixe: $75.00

Do you want someone to check your Arbortext configuration? Do you want an independent audit, review, validation, or verification? Want to know what features you're not using to the fullest before you start down that expensive road to change everything out?

The Implementation Audit was created so you can have someone double check your work (or someone else’s) and make sure you're set up for success.

Our Arbortext experts will evaluate your system and let you know how you stack up with customers who are making the most of their Arbortext toolset and recommend a plan of action that optimize your environment, set you up according to best practices, and make sure the software is running efficiently.

Talk over your questions and stumbling blocks with the right expert whenever you need help with your stylesheet, customization, or implementation. Gather up your questions, schedule a session, and make your session count!

It’s a special service offered at a discounted rate. It’s sole purpose is to give a new Arbortext user like you a chance to ask the critical questions about your specific situation and help you rest easy at night.

Our customers say:

Today’s training session went very well. I’m very pleased with how Liz led me through what I needed to get started. Having the opportunity to do one-on-one training, with a very knowledgeable instructor is great. Training is focused on what I need versus a long training session on things that don’t apply to me or my task. Together we worked on my strengths and weaknesses and I got the exact training I needed. I will definitely use this one-on-one time in the future.
~ Bob, Field Engineer, Engility Corporation

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Why choose us?

When you combine our passion for empowering others, our ethics, and our experience with nearly every other competitive XML publishing product out there, you find that our insight into DITA and XML authoring and publishing tools and practices is unmatched in the industry. 

We're the authors of the only books about Arbortext–books for authors, implementers, and stylesheet developers. These books were written to help Arbortext users grow their expertise so as to make the most of the software they've purchased. But you can't ask a book questions. 

We've found that most questions have a lot of underlying and implicit assumptions that impede tangible success. The implementation audit is our way of providing Arbortext users with a way to ask questions that are specific to their environment and get answers back in real time, which is generally when you really need them.

An expert review of your Arbortext environment

Prix fixe advisory sessions for anyone seeking looking for someone to review their Arbortext environment–configuration, installation, and implementation. No long-term service agreement required.

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