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Healthy Alliances Ensure The Best Outcomes

The right Meta-Partner makes transition easier. Domain expertise is hard enough to earn.

Because Single-Sourcing Solutions believes strongly in creating healthy alliances with other partners, we can leverage with each other and create an even stronger solution for our customers. Each of our partners has a unique position of specializing in a PTC product.

We specialize in Arbortext. We were a part of the PTC value added sales channel for over 12 years and have deep, long-term relationships both with PTC and a number of channel partners worldwide. Some of our meta-partners specialize in Windchill, or MathCad, or ThingWorx, or NetRegulus, or Relex, or Creo (Pro/E), to name a few. As our customer’s business requirements grow and change, our entire network provides benefits them.

Single-Sourcing Solutions and our meta-partners bring each other strength in expertise as well as a solid philosophy and practice in stellar customer service. We feel that these meta-partnerships not only strengthen PTC partners, but lend those strengths to our customers as well.

In some cases, our customers come from industries that are heavily regulated: They have labeling and packaging requirements that are severe, and their need to generate and publish accurate and timely product information is great. The ‘Write it once, publish it in multiple formats” capabilities that Arbortext has is strongly aligned with this business need. Arbortext offers these industries a solution that is seamless from end to end, generating XML content that can be published in multiple formats for multiple end receivers from one centralized repository managing the content.

Meta-partnerships are strong partnerships that we have developed with a number of other partners. By coordinating with these partners at the top level, our customers get the strength and experience of both companies and our entire network.

Our Meta-Partners

Innovation by collaboration.

Innovation by collaboration has huge, tangible benefits for customers within the PTC ecosystem. Although this is a model that is becoming popular in other industries – big Pharma, for example – it is something we do every day. It’s something that we’ve always done. We call it the “Meta-Partnership”.

We choose our partners very carefully: Each of our partners brings the same strength in expertise and solid philosophy and practice in stellar customer service that we do.

Our network of partnerships means you always have the right expertise available at the exact time you need it.


We have a list of PTC channel partners who understand the product portfolio as well as we do and who we trust to recommend the right configuration for you.


We have training and implementation partners to lend expertise to your Windchill-Arbortext content management implementation

TC Camp

TC Camp is an educational non-profit that we started as an experimental way to bring even more learning opportunities to our communities and spun off as an independent 501(c)(3).

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