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Our Community Projects

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We take a strong position of service in our communities

We share. A lot.

Our commitment to fostering strong community relationships differentiates us from our competitors. We donate a percentage of our time to community educational efforts. This is a list of projects that we have founded, created, and organized for the technical communications and Arbortext communities:

Top 5 Arbortext Resources List

We maintain the list of the top resources for Arbortext users available out there anywhere.

Identifying Qualified Arbortext Dealers

This article, on the Arbortext User Group blog, tells you everything you need to know about Arbortext (including how to buy it from a qualified and reputable dealer) all in one convenient place.

Advisory Line

Let’s face it, there are times when all you need is some quick assistance to help you solve a challenge. Think of it like bite-size consulting.

Join our mailing list

Get the best tips and resources for technical communicators (Our team reads hundreds of books, websites, blogs, newsgroups, email lists, and RSS feeds every day.) We do all the work to gather everything up into one tidy package for our subscribers every month. And be sure to follow us on the social media channel you prefer:


Liz Fraley and our other staff members have written a number of books, papers, and articles, and have given a lot of presentations over the years. Look through the entire list of presentations or get the books on Amazon.

Public Training Calendar

Public classes run on a regular basis, both basic topics and advanced topics for Arbortext Editor, Styler, DIGTA, MIL-STD. Check the calendar for specific dates and classes.

Webinars and Events

We present regularly at industry conferences. Some of our presentations and webinars are product focused, but most are not. We are known for providing high-quality content first and foremost.

Single-Sourcing blog

The Single Sourcing blog is focused on information about Arbortext, the community, and the best practices for successful implementation of dynamic information delivery projects.


Discord is more about being live than sending messages. Drop into our voice channel or chat via text on our Discord server.

TPC Affinity Groups

In these exclusive, members only, confidential learning sessions, participants talk about real time issues and share ideas for possible solutions. There are three TPC Affinity Groups available: TechComm General, Arbortext, Windchill.

Members-only forums

Forums available to our customers and members of the TPC Affinity Groups. Forums include access to all the video content, eLearning courses, discussion groups, and more.

Arbortext Knowledge Base

Subscribe to our Knowledge Base to watch Season Three of the Arbortext Monster Garage. Get unlimited access to video content. (What's on there?)

S3I on YouTube

Watch our YouTube channel to learn more about dealing with legacy data, the ROI of XML, and more. 

TC Dojo

The TC Dojo is a a community place of learning, a series of webinars where the topics are chosen by the community, taught by community experts, and driven by community needs.

Arbortext Monster Garage

In the Arbortext Monster Garage, we focused on the million “Uber Geeky” things you can do in Arbortext. The Arbortext Monster Garage videos feature the open Arbortext API and the “geeky” things you can do with the product.

Support for our communities

We support TC Camp

In 2013, we launched an unconference that was wildly successful in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2015, we spun it out as it's own non-profit and has done well ever since.

TC Camp

We founded, created, and organized TC Camp, the first un-conference for the techcomm community. We remain a strong supporter of the event.

Room 42

We created and developed Room 42, a podcast that connects TPC professionals with academic research. In 2021, TC Camp acquired Room 42 and we remain one of the primary supporters.

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We support STC

We understand that sometimes community organizers need help from the outside. Our own Liz Fraley asked us to provide space for organizers to collaborate. It's our pleasure to support STC!

Virtual Content Events Calendar

The VCE is a collaborative effort that started with STC chapters but supports any group willing to collaborate and share content events. Anyone can subscribe to it. Please contact us if you want permission to add your events.

We support AUGI

Arbortext user groups have been around for a long time. We do what we can to support them in whatever form they take – AUGI, PTC/User, etc. We're here for them.

Arbortext User Group

We donate time, resources, and administrative support to the Arbortext User Group and the Arbortext User Group @ PTC Communties. In addition to the standard social media channels, the AUG also has a Meetup group and a blog that has pictures and history of the product.

Other Resources

Arbortext has always had a very active community.

Users and developers support each other, answer each other's questions, and present at conferences. We talk about everything: We talk about Arbortext, but we talk about all the related technologies that come into play as well. The community is more than just Arbortext customers. One of the strengths of the community — and of the Arbortext product line — is that PTC's Engineering team also partcipates in the community. You'll see them answering questions at all times of the day and night, right alongside us.

Arbortext @ PTC Communities

This is your best place for informal questions for PTC. Monitored by PTC R&D and Product Management as well as new and old customers. This group holds the archives for Adepters, the long-running mailing list that has been around since 1996. There's a lot of tribal knowledge buried here. (Migrated from PTC/User archives in April 2015, after being migrated from Arbortext in 2006.) (They move this link a lot.)

Arbortext on YouTube

PTC, PTC Partners, and other users have put videos up on YouTube. For best results, try searching for “Arbortext” or “Arbortext IsoDraw”on YouTube.

3B2 Users Mailing List

The 3b2users mailing list is dedicated to Advanced Print Publisher (APP) questions and answers. APP was formerly known as 3B2. It is hosted by groups.io