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Arbortext 102

In the second Arbortext Monster Garage book and first ever commercially-available book about Arbortext stylesheets, Arbortext 102: Best Practices for Creating Arbortext Styler Stylesheets, you’ll learn that the best part of the Arbortext product suite is that anyone can create complicated style for their publications without having to be a programmer

Author Elizabeth Fraley, an Arbortext expert, adding to her Arbortext Monster Garage book series wrote “Arbortext 102” to help stylesheet designers learn best practices for creating Arbortext Styler stylesheets and customers evaluate the quality of stylesheets delivered by consultants.

Written in DITA and published with Arbortext Styler, this guide book takes you through the full cycle from start to finish. By the time you walk through this book, you will have built your own full functioning production ready professional stylesheet. It will even show you some troubleshoot techniques to help you if you ever get stuck.

What you will learn

Arbortext 102's easy-to-follow approach offers practical tips and pointers enabling readers to quickly get started developing dynamic and multi-channel stylesheets using Arbortext Styler.

  • How to configure your environment
  • How to set up page sets, page types, page regions, generated text
  • Using property sets effectively
  • Step-by-step instructions to create your first stylesheet
  • Troubleshooting stylesheets
  • Easily implement a print or web stylesheets
  • Creating covers, formatting tables of contents, and more!
  • Save yourself headaches at upgrade time
  • Get started quickly—Create a stylesheet in a day!
  • Where to go for help

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Updates and Corrections
If you purchased a print copy, you may wish to download the errata updates. Kindle versions update automatically when you sync your library!

Praise for Arbortext 102

Liz's book, Arbortext 102 (and it's predecessor Arbortext 101), has been invaluable. Not only was Arbortext 102 a step-by-step instruction manual, it was also easily understood. DITA concepts can be very intimidating, but Liz's book made understanding DITA concepts user friendly and accommodating.

Verified Arbortext Customer

This is a rock-star book!

Arbortext community leader

Have questions? Get help from the author!

Talk over your questions and stumbling blocks with Liz whenever you need help. Ask your questions about your Arbortext stylesheet. Get answers that apply specifically to you and your situation.

About the Author

For years, Elizabeth Fraley has worked with clients guiding them through the getting started process with Arbortext, enabling them to be efficient content creators. She knows her customers want to do it themselves and that they just don't want to do it alone.

This book series builds on her consulting services and training at Single-Sourcing Solutions, a company she started in 2003. She is an active member in the Arbortext community and related XML information development communities.

Although we are no longer a partner, we were one of three PTC Authorized Training partners who specialized in Arbortext for 21 years, including at the time this book was written.

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