Arbortext 101

In the first Arbortext Monster Garage book and first ever commercially-available book about Arbortext, Arbortext 101: Best Practices for Configuring, Authoring, Styling, and Publishing with Arbortext, you’ll find advice from a long-time Arbortext user, developer, and well-known community member.

Arbortext is very widely used by content creators to generate high-quality, accurate and up-to-date product and service information.

Author Elizabeth Fraley, an Arbortext expert, wrote her first book, “Arbortext 101” to help tech writers learn the basics of the Arbortext software. Her easy-to-follow approach offers practical tips and pointers enabling readers to quickly get started developing dynamic and multi-channel content using Arbortext.

What you will learn

  • How to configure your environment: Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Styler, and Arbortext Publishing Engine
  • Easily implement DITA in an afternoon
  • Save yourself headaches at upgrade time
  • Get started quickly
  • Where to go for help

Praise for Arbortext 101

“A long-awaited guide” ~ Arbortext community leader

At last! A book like this has been needed for many years by the Arbortext community. The writing is clear and concise, not too “tech-y” (but just technical enough), and covers everything an Arbortext configurer needs in order to set up shop with this complex software suite. I wish I had had this book long ago to help me navigate the potential pitfalls of setting up Arbortext in a multi-user environment.The best practices shown here will result in a very clean, manageable Arbortext configuration.  ~ Todd Hicks, long-time Arbortext customer

Great resource for Arbortext Users  I wish this book had been available when I first started using Arbortext tools. Actually I wish I had this info before starting with AE. This book is very easy to read but even better for me as a reference, as I expect to use these facts now and in the future. The info on custom directory was worth the price of the book for me. I’ll be referring to sections on dcf and pcf files as well. ~ M. McGinnis, Arbortext user and Single-Sourcing Solutions customer

Have questions?

You can book an appointment to get help from the author for your stylesheet, customization, or other questions that apply specifically to you and your situation. Book a TC Dojo session that is all about you and get advice from an expert in the field.

If you just want to have someone check your work and make sure you’re set up for success, choose the Implementation Audit appointment type. It’s a special service offered at a discounted rate. It’s sole purpose is to give a new Arbortext user like you a chance to ask the critical questions about your specific situation and help you rest easy at night.

“Training is focused on what I need versus a long training session on things that don’t apply to me or my task.” ~Implementation Audit customer

“I got the exact training I needed in record time” ~XSL-FO Training customer

Get help from the Author

Working your way through the book? Talk over your questions and stumbling blocks with Liz.

About the Author

For years, Elizabeth Fraley has worked with clients guiding them through the getting started process with Arbortext, enabling them to be efficient content creators. She knows her customers want to do it themselves and that they just don't want to do it alone.

This book series builds on her consulting services and training at Single-Sourcing Solutions, a company she started in 2003. She is an active member in the Arbortext community and related XML information development communities.