When we checked in with our TC Dojo Mastermind members, they asked us for a place where they could collaborate with each other outside the regular meetings. Until this point, we had a wiki where everyone could collaborate, but it just wasn't meeting their needs.  So, earlier this week we stood up a community forum site to make it easy for Mastermind members to share their knowledge and experience.

We're in the process of migrating information from the Single-Sourcing Members wiki to the forums. While we're at it, we'll be migrating the content from adepters.org to the forums site as well, to make everything local and findable in one place rather than two.

Also migrating into the forums is the content from the Arbortext Users group. Both the Adepters forum and the Arbortext Users forum will remain publicly visible as they are essential resources to the community and done for their benefit.

Anyone can register on the forums website, but the main three forums—the TechComm Mastermind, the Arbortext Mastermind and the Windchill Mastermind—are only available to members.

We may add other forums, if there's interest or requests from the community. Anyone can join the forums, but free members only have access to the Arbortext Users boards. All the other forums are only available to paid members of the TC Dojo Mastermind. If you're an existing mastermind member, we'll grant access to the mastermind forums and if you're not, but you want access, Join the Mastermind.

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