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If what you need is probably going to take a little work but you’re not sure how much, this short session is for you!


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Have you been struggling long enough and need a little help? Is what you need probably going to take a little work, but you’re not sure how much?

Sometimes you come up against a problem that is a little more complicated than a simple question to a mailing list will solve. But it’s not big enough to set up a formal arrangement with a consultant. If you need a smidge of help, then this special short session option is for you!

Our experts will help you think it through (whatever it is). We’ll challenge your assumptions and ask a lot of questions. You’ll walk away having solved your immediate problem and developed a foundation for solving similar problems in the future!

Amazing customer service. Thank you very much. This has been great. We have some information to go play with, a little bit. And then we’ll come back to you and confirm or address any challenges we face or take up some other issues we still have on the table. We will schedule a follow-up call after we have some time to try this out. Huge thanks!


Manager, Technical Publications, Moen

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30 minutes

Cancellation Policy

Appointments cannot be cancelled, rescheduled, or refunded, less than 1 hour in advance.


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