TC Dojo Mastermind Group

Share your expertise with others while they share theirs with you


TC Dojo Masterminds

The TC Dojo Mastermind sessions are unique learning opportunities where members talk about real time issues they are solving and share ideas for possible solutions.

Like a virtual Birds of a Feather round table, the Mastermind group is a facilitated conversation among a small group of peers that focuses around the issues and challenges associated with technological challenges that affect documentation groups.

Like the hallway conversations between sessions at a conference, the mastermind group members come together to wrap their arms around topic and understand how to make it work in their unique situations.

Mastermind groups are Members-Only to encourage long-lasting, confidential relationships between group members. Members understand each other’s businesses and goals while still providing unique insight based on their own experience.

Everyone in the Mastermind Group works together to develop solutions. This collaborative approach provides an unmatched innovative method for solving problems.

Where members solve real-time problems and share ideas for possible solutions.

A group of smart people meet weekly, monthly, daily even if it makes sense, to tackle challenges and problems together.


If you are lucky enough to get invited to one, you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business.


Members lean on each other, give advice, share connections.


It’s very much peer-to-peer mentoring.


Masterminds are incredible and can do wonders for your business as well as for you, personally.


Success is no accident

Creative solutions come from making connections, seeing patterns.

Don't Go It Alone

Ever feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to solve an issue? How valuable would it be for you to have a sounding board?

Save Time and Effort

How much time, effort, and money is it costing you to keep struggling to learn how to implement, architect, and transform your content and your team by yourself?

Learn from experience

Chances are if you are facing something, someone has gone before you or they are in the same place.

Meet Virtually

With travel budgets down, you still need a place where you can network with peers and collaborate on best practices.

How it works

Our Mastermind groups have a limited membership so members can build long-lasting, trusted relationships. The roster doesn’t change from month to month. As a result, members can talk frankly about their challenges and get practical advice.

Discussions are moderated, so there is only one conversation and everyone gets to hear everyone else’s comments, insights, and needs. No one’s pitching, everyone is actively trying to help.

Each group has a dedicated forum to facilitate collaboration. Productive conversations can take place because group members have a chance to really get to know each other. Members understand each other’s businesses and goals while still providing unique insight based on their own experience.

Real recognizes real. Everyone works together to develop solutions. The collaborative approach of the Mastermind Group provides an unmatched innovative method for solving problems.

TC Dojo Mastermind groups meet once a month for an hour.

Learn from the mistakes of others…you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves.



What is included? All sorts of things!

Mastermind Group Meetings

In the Mastermind group, small groups of professionals delve deeper into solving complex issues in real time. Discussions are dynamic—focused on issues representative of the attendees current challenges. We all work together so everyone wins.

Priority Response Time

When you just don’t have the time to wait for an answer that may never come, you can depend on the advisory line to help you through a tough spot. Members receive priority response time from the Advisory Line.

Discounted Services

Members who need additional consulting services can secure our services at a discounted rate not available to the general public.

Members-Only Website

A collaborative web space where members post tips, templates, and procedures that others have expressed interest in sharing. Also included is the Single-Sourcing Solutions knowledge base including helpful forms, archived articles, sample code, transcripts, notes, our favorite videos, and much more.

Private Sessions

Dedicated time with an expert every month, scheduled at your convenience, and focused on you. Amount of time allotted depends on your subscription level and does not carry over. Corporate members can bring their entire team to their private session.

Private Slack Channels

Mastermind members get access to our private slack channel as well as the private areas of our public channels.

Free Access to Video Training

Members of the Mastermind group have full access to the TC Dojo recordings. Videos posted to Vimeo On-Demand Channels are available to members for free on the members website.

Workshop Discounts

We record a lot of training, but we give it too. We’ve taught DITA and XSLT at STC conferences. We’ve taught library science workshops at customer sites. As a member of our Mastermind group, you get a discounted rate on workshops we teach.

What's Next?

People tell us that we make club houses. We try stuff out and see what works. Mastermind members and our customers who get to try things out before anyone else.

The new scarcity the time, energy, and brainpower of bright, creative people.


Approach everything with openness and eagerness. Increase your knowledge and expand yourself.


Creativity is all about making connections and seeing patterns.


Creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating.


Choose the level that is right for you

eLearning Membership

Currently working with Arbortext or Windchill or just curious? Looking for a job that expects Arbortext experience?

This membership level provides full access to all of our eLearning courses and video training, as well as access to the eLearning and public areas of our forums.

This level gives you a way to get to know us while expanding your skillset.

Includes access to all eLearning courses and public projects

Does not include any mastermind group benefits

TechComm Mastermind

It doesn’t matter where you are on your path or what tools you’re using. This group covers everything related to technical information and content development.

For anyone involved in content development, publishing, or supporting those who are.

Topics may include: best practices for writing, content strategy, information architecture, content management, XSL, XSL-FO, HTML5, ePub, multi-channel publishing

Includes all the standard benefits plus the Techcomm Benefits Package:

  • Techcomm conference calls
  • Techcomm Forum on Members-only website
  • TC Dojo Slack Private Channel

Arbortext Mastermind

We cover every aspect of the Arbortext product suite from the user’s perspective. There may be cross-over with the TechComm Mastermind group when discussing best practices and strategy.

Access special Arbortext TC Dojo recordings, sessions, and training materials. This group includes coverage of Windchill topics for Arbortext users and business managers.

Topics may include: Editor, Styler, APP, stylesheets, publishing, configuration, content management, managing Windchill workspaces, XLIFF

Includes all the standard benefits plus the Arbortext Benefits Package:

  • Arbortext conference calls
  • Arbortext Forum on Members-only website
  • Arbortext Slack Private Channel

Windchill Mastermind

Need help working with or administering PTC’s Windchill PLM and CCMS system? Or connecting Windchill to Arbortext to automate user tasks?

This group is aimed at Windchill IT staff members and meetings are set quarterly to accommodate the demanding schedules of IT Staff. Windchill Business Users of should attend the Arbortext Mastermind.

Topics may include: Windchill, Arbortext Content Manager, workflow, configuration, process automation, change management, content management SIM, Translation Management, automated publishing

Includes all the standard benefits plus the Windchill Benefits Package:

  • Windchill conference calls
  • Windchill Forum on Members-only website
  • Windchill Slack Private Channel

Or choose them all!

Get all the benefits packages in one

Business memberships have additional benefits as well as access to all three Mastermind benefits packages plus eLearning.

  • Up to 5 of your team members can attend the individual Mastermind conference calls.
  • Your entire team can attend your private mentoring sessions
  • Your entire team has access to the members forums and the slack private channels.

What do our members say?

There’s a dynamic that is so unique in the master group meetings that you can’t find anywhere else.


I never know what the topics will be, but I always learn something new.


This is one meeting our team never misses! One of us is always there. The learning for us is priceless!


Sometimes just listening reveals the clue that leads me to the right answer.


Being able to learn how others approached a similar problem and solved them means I don’t have to make the same mistakes.



Sometimes magic is just someone having time to collaborate with someone else.

* Individual memberships cannot be combined or chained together. One membership per person.
** Private mentoring time does not roll over.

Have questions about which membership is right for you?

Before we can advise you about which group best fits your situation, we recommend a short call to provide us with some basic information about you and your focus. There is no charge to talk to an advisor, and you’ll only begin paying the membership dues after you joined the Mastermind.