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SUNNYVALE, CA. - 10 October 2022 - Single-Sourcing Solutions today announced that they have launched a new public training calendar to provide more, varied training options for Arbortext users. Classes will be open and available to the public and held entirely virtually online. 

"We've been training virtually, live and online, for over a decade," said Elizabeth Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions. "Now, after 3 years of pandemic, remote working isn't so strange anymore. We've long preferred training in a virtual environment. The rest of the world has only just now caught onto the benefits we've known about for a long time."

All training classes that appear on the Public Calendar will be live, instructor-led training classes based on the Single-Sourcing Solutions training methods. There are five categories for training: Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Styler, DITA, MIL-STD, and Editor Advanced Topics. Courses will range from single classes to multi-day and multi-week courses. The schedule will be posted quarterly.

"Online training has a lot of benefits," said Fraley. "With something like Zoom, students can share their screen and show me what they're working on. It's just as if I'm standing behind them, looking over their shoulder--without the overhead of travel costs to get a trainer there."

"Not to mention two," said Janice Summers, Director of Operations. "Usually Liz and I train together. The cost of sending two trainers is enormous, but there's no additional cost when we're virtual. The students get the benefit of both of us (Liz can get very technical), but we weave the lessons together smoothly when we're teaching in tandem. Nothing compares to a live, knowledgable instructor. You can't ask a video questions."

All courses are a combination of lectures mixed with examples and hands-on exercises. Students are encouraged to bring their own experiences and questions with them, making it so that anyone who has read the Arbortext books published by Single-Sourcing Solutions can now get help directly from the authors of those books in real time.

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