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Here’s a short summary of SPRs and enhancements added to the product release. Many SPRs and enhancements are part of the release. We highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes. If you have an active maintenance contract you can download the new version from the PTC-Support website as usual. If you need any help please contact our support team.


Arbortext Editor

  • 1201143 A new set option set prefersystemidxmlcatalogs has been introduced as an equivalent to set prefersystemid for XML catalogs. Its default value is also off.
  • 1216869 A browse button is included in the Modify Attributes window for elements that are identified as having graphic content.
  • 2081943 .iso graphic files now display as expected in Arbortext Editor.
  • 2099292 Arbortext Editor now checks that doc_cache_dir() and doc_cache_base() return values are legal before returning them.
  • 2100893 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when loading an EPS graphics file.
  • 2105100 Arbortext Editor will only collapse spaces, tabs, and newlines if the parserdeletespaces option is on. Other white space will be ignored.
  • 2106854 Select All will now properly highlight both the edit and docmap views.
  • 2108633 All predefined XML entities will be written as entities if entityoutputconvert is on.
  • 2109072
    When there are four or more rows of toolbars, Arbortext Editor will no longer create a new row for the second toolbar in the last row.
  • 2109786 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly if a XUI dialog uses a menu item with a command for a toolbar button that does not exist.
  • 2110203 Arbortext Editor no longer unexpectedly terminates under certain conditions when selecting text in a table cell in a document whose FOSI has a system function.
  • 2110601 The content model of DefaultFont in pdfconfig dtd has been changed to require at least one FontName.
  • 2111926 Arbortext Editor no longer unexpectedly terminates when flattening a document whose stylesheet uses XPath.
  • 2112226 An Enhanced Completeness Checking operation now flags same-document xref errors in a DITA document.
  • 2113021 ImportNode() will no longer throw an exception when called with an element with attributes on an SGML document.
  • 2113856 The playback of a macro for inserting a marked section will now operate correctly. Arbortext Editor will no longer unexpectedly terminate when inserting an IGNORE marked section during macro recording.
  • 2114401 Arbortext Editor with Styler no longer terminates unexpectedly when copying and pasting text (with tagging) from another application.
  • 2114610 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when an event log and a message box are opening concurrently.
  • 2114789 The built-in function graphic_information() will return information for a graphic stored in a CMS.
  • 2114798 Tags with multiple scopes will now be parsed correctly.
  • 2115055 An Enhanced Completeness Checking operation now looks for subtopic IDs and ignores IDs from child topics when validating key references.
  • 2115293 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when an event log and a message box are opening concurrently.
  • 2116419 Windchill CGM illustrations can be updated to use the appropriate authoring application: Arbortext IsoDraw for IsoDraw graphics and Graphics Editor for non-IsoDraw graphics. The graphics will then publish successfully.
  • 2116959 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly when bursting a document that contains a XInclude that is not well-formed.
  • 2117916 Bursting no longer produces errors and potential for unexpected termination under certain situations in a 64-bit Arbortext Editor environment.
  • 2118112 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly in some situations when a file referenced by CONREF is not present.
  • 2118118 The new environment variable APTMARKUPDISPLAYMAX allows the override of the maximum 128 character length set for markup names and values shown in the Editor view.
  • 2118125 Entity dialog boxes will now show all entries when the number exceeds 64,000.
  • 2118774 A 64-bit Arbortext Editor environment no longer terminates unexpectedly after loading certain EPS files.
  • 2120143 Arbortext Editor no longer terminates unexpectedly in certain situations when generating a Resolved Document for Editing for a DITAMAP that contains a conkeyref.


  • 1870066 PDF creation from the Print Preview window functions as expected.
  • 2021972 The content of a shortdesc element following an abstract tag now appears in print output.
  • 2090913 Setting the environment variable APTLIGATURESENABLED to any value that does not begin with y or Y and is not on, On, or ON will suppress ligatures globally. For finer control, setting the allowligs attribute of lettersp to 0 in a high-level eic in the stylesheet will turn off ligatures.
  • 2092075 A counter can reset at an element that is not an ancestor of the element being counted, or doesn't occur in the document.
  • 2093845 Different graphics referenced by the same filename in a document now appear correctly in HTML outputs.
  • 2095280 defaultprintdpi settings are respected in print output generated by the APP engine.
  • 2097654 Right aligned tabs in a paragraph with a negative indent now format as expected, allowing level 1 entries in a table of contents to display numbering in PDF output.
  • 2100082 Spaces between inline elements are no longer missing from RTF output.
  • 2101124 TOC entries in PDF output now target the correct location when related link information for the same targets is also included in the output.
  • 2103553 Repeating titles for a division that is an ancestor (but not the parent) of the title are output correctly.
  • 2103558 In tables, bullet points are now displayed inline with the succeeding text.
  • 2103561 A non-zero value for the baseline-shift property will trigger an equivalent offset as expected, when working with RTF output.
  • 2105389 An empty spanned index no longer causes a loop and subsequent APP out of swap space memory error when publishing PDF.
  • 2107239 Tables in RTF output no longer display rules that have not been specified in the original table configuration.
  • 2108873 All content appears in tables of contents in PDF output generated by APP engine.
  • 2110898 A PDF publishing operation no longer terminates unexpectedly from a pointer error when a root level block or table spans multiple columns.
  • 2110937 A sentence containing a generated cross reference breaks as expected.
  • 2111115 PDF publishing from a 64–bit environment no longer terminates unexpectedly.
  • 2111459 Borders for a table column that spans multiple rows display as expected.
  • 2111709 The value of the FOSI string modifier TB is reflected in PDF or preview output.
  • 2113552 The APP engine no longer stops responding within a deep-contentssplit cell when trying to delete an empty block that is already being skipped because it has overflowed the page.
  • 2114315 The publishing of a PDF of a parts document now completes as expected.
  • 2114318 Initial magnification settings in pubview.cf are now reflected in the Print Preview window when the .cf file is referenced.
  • 2115227 Footnotes now display as expected in PDF output.
  • 2115229 Tables now display as expected in PDF output.
  • 2115231 Right aligned tabs in a paragraph with a negative indent now format as expected, allowing headers to display page numbers in PDF output.
  • 2115542 The presence of non-Arbortext processing instructions in source will be flagged in the event log during publishing and will not cause the publishing operation to terminate.
  • 2116070 Graphics are given the correct amount of space in PDF output.
  • 2116150 A BOM in custom hyphenation files is processed correctly during preview and publishing.
  • 2116714 Multi-language gentext is translated correctly in PDF output.
  • 2117503 Graphics referenced by URL in an Arbortext Styler stylesheet now appear in output as expected.
  • 2117945 An XPath expression has the desired effect when declared for a title that repeats across pages in PDF output.
    Publishing Fixes

DITA Application

  • 1313512 Support for conditional processing via DITAVAL file has been added in this release.
  • 1313515 Support for conditional processing via DITAVAL file has been added in this release.
  • 2106850 The Resource Manager dialog box launched from the Modify Attributes dialog box no longer sets the wrong format attribute for maps stored in Windchill.
  • 2110292 ACL DITA option dita::_setNoMergeAttributes(list) stops cascading attributes specified in DITA Maps and their specializations from merging values (for profiling).
  • 2114576 An EMPTY content model for one of two identically named tags from different document types in the same map no longer takes precedence over the non-empty model when generating a RDS.

Arbortext Styler

  • 1493756 Custom table contexts, and elements styled as Table or Custom Table, now have their Structure Type fixed to Block, to allow indent settings to be respected.
  • 2112249 Generated text in the servicemanual.style stylesheet is now encoded correctly.
  • 2115499 Generated text in a stylesheet that exceeds 4096 characters is no longer removed when the stylesheet is upgraded.
  • 2115768 Generating APP source for numbered non-title contexts no longer causes Arbortext Styler to terminate unexpectedly.
  • 2116265 Cross references to hidden titles now work for XSL outputs.
  • 2116546 The value (none) for Item element is now processed correctly for an element styled as Definition List.
  • 2116965 The FOSI Compile Warning Messages window is also suppressed when the stylesheet errors and fosiwarnings preferences are deactivated.
  • 2118556 Not saving an updated stylesheet no longer causes Arbortext Editor to terminate unexpectedly.

Arbortext Import

  • 1328096 Options for Pre- and Post-Process Drivers for a PDF-XML conversion now have default values applied.
  • 1458108 Revision tracking information in a Word document is processed and preserved during an Import operation, allowing the import to complete as expected.

Arbortext Publishing Engine

  • 2104782 The pdfconfigfile option is now supported when publishing with Arbortext Publishing Engine.

PTC Server connection and Repository Adapter

  • 2099017 When toxml twoway metadata rules are present, a user can check out a read-only document loaded in Arbortext Editor, that has been modified by another user since it was loaded, without generating a Can't open object error.
  • 2103084 Temporary files are now saved to a .tmp* subfolder in WindchillAdapterTempDir.
  • 2114052 An attempt to connect Arbortext Editor to the offline server after disconnecting an active server connection now works as expected.


  • 1332262 Selecting a table row no longer returns a null value for the selected attribute.
  • 1978447 XUI table controls in docked dialogs will sort in response to clicking on the column header.
  • 2099704 To better support tool tips on individual XUI tree nodes, the XUI treenode element now has a tiptext attribute. The tiptext attribute is no longer supported on XUI treecontrol and activex elements.


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Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. You can download the release notes for this and all recent releases from the Reference Documentation area of the PTC web site at ptc.com.

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