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In a tough market, you need to stay ahead the pack. The best way to do that is to make sure your skills are in demand. One of the highest demanded skills in the publications arena is Arbortext. We are offering this one day session for you to learn what it takes to create DITA structured documents using the leading industry tool: Arbortext Editor.

Arbortext & DITA

The Arbortext product suite is an end-to-end product information delivery system that automates the authoring and publishing processes for the delivery of high quality, tailored product information in the form of operator manuals, service documentation, and eLearning courseware. Arbortext was the first vendor to support DITA at IBM, the first vendor to support DITA editing, and the only vendor to participate as a founding member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, PTC has led the way for DITA adoption. DITA was developed on Arbortext.


Take the workshop

Deepen your skillset and learn DITA authoring in Arbortext Editor.

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