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Why Collaboration Between Techdocs and Marketing is Paramount

On 14 February 2022, Johanne Lavallée came to talk about how to get a backend content strategy going when you know the value of content, but don't have the same proximity with management that marketing has to get the ball rolling. She discussed how critical it is to establish this relationship, so you have a new place that is open to your ideas and will understand why you might have been blocked in talking content strategy in your past jobs.

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What is the TC Dojo?

TC Dojo is a virtual meeting place for writing professionals. Whether you are just starting out in the field or you are a well-seasoned expert, everyone can gain valuable learning at the TC Dojo.

The TC Dojo is a public service project and community resource. Topics are chosen by vote. Community members can vote and revote as their interests shift over time. There's never any charge to attend live or to watch the recordings.

In the great tradition of the way, we invite visiting experts who will share actual lived experiences. The skills we need as writing professionals extend beyond the intuitive and we all have things we can learn from each other.

Why call it a dojo?

The TC Dojo follows the tradition of the dōjō (道場 dōjō?), a “place for immersive learning or meditation.” When we created the imagery we did extensive research so that we would be as faithful as possible to the historic and cultural traditions and intent behind them. There are specific ways dojos are constructed, laid out, and arranged, and we made sure that we had all the elements incorporated into the images. The drawings reflect the Japanese minimalist architectural style. Minimalism is an important practice in technical and professional communications. When we train, we regularly show images of architecture, art, and music from many different traditions and cultures when we’re explaining the concept of minimalism. In this great tradition of the way, the TC Dojo serves as a place of learning for technical and professional communicators.

Who will you find here?

The TC Dojo invites a wide variety of presenters, from backgrounds, traditions, cultures, education, and teachings. We select speakers from the greater TPC community who are willing to share their expertise on the topics voted on by the community.

While you may find a #techcomm celebrity personality here, you're just as likely to find someone who doesn't actively seek the spotlight. We all have things we can learn from each other and that we can all apply in our everyday practice. If a vendor appears, they must teach something first and show their product second. Our staff may do one or two sessions a year but it's usually when life intervenes and we have a last minute cancellation to fill. We never accept money in exchange for a speaking opportunity.

Want to present in the TC Dojo or suggest someone else?