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Webinar archive

We host webinars frequently on a variety of topics. Webinars may feature experts in the field, our staff, or other product companies. Webinars are categorized by venue and key concepts.

Secrets of a gumshoe librarian: Tips for transforming your career and staying relevant

Is your career ready for a makeover? Have you been forced into making a change? Client and employer needs evolve, and we should too. But no one wakes up and just decides to upend their career, because change can be hard and sometimes scary. In this session, Marcy Phelps shares…

I’m no Virgin (Records)! Leading a Content Strategy in Small to Medium Enterprises

Convincing the administration in a small-medium business is just as hard as for the bigger businesses. You need a strong case, but how do you get through? You will after this session. You will learn what is the lean approach. You will learn how to see signs your company is…

How I Got Here: Career Dev Tips From Wise Old Farts

A panel discussion with tips and stories that helped the pillars of STC get through their careers with success and pride. Listen to past and current board members, conference organizers, and authors tell their stories and offer tips on how you can make the most of your techcomm life. Each…

Extend Your DITA Reuse with Keys

A crucial benefit of moving to a structured authoring environment is the ability to easily reuse content. Text entities, file entities and now with the DITA standard there is also keys and keyrefs. This DITA key method allows a user to create a placeholder for text, file paths or graphics….

Is Your DITA Output Ugly?

Traditionally, stylized DITA output has been clunky and code-editor driven. But it doesn’t have to be that way. See how one tool is taking features from other user experiences and bringing them in to a world that has been neglected. You can create styling libraries like you create content libraries….

How to Reuse DITA Content

Reusing content is beneficial but complicated without knowing how and what to reuse. Join easyDITA to learn how to set up reuse strategies, tie in organizational goals, and employ best practices for your team. About the Visiting Dojo Master Gosia Radymiak is a Customer Success Manager for easyDITA, a DITA…