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Arbortext Editor

Tens of thousands of authors worldwide use Arbortext Editor to generate product information such as operator and maintenance manuals, service guides and eLearning materials as well as other marketing, sales and reference documents.

Get Arbortext 101 to learn the basics of the Arbortext software. Arbortext is easy to learn and this book shows you how to quickly get started developing dynamic and multi-channel content using Arbortext.


  • Author content with real-time validation using a familiar, productive user interface
  • Create and edit document components and document assemblies
  • Implement publishing standards like DITA 1.3, S1000D and DocBook easily
  • Reuse content across your organization
  • Improve the accuracy, consistency and flexibility of your information
  • Incorporate interactive graphics in your publications
  • Locate, reference, and reuse content from file systems or content repositories
  • Every Arbortext subscription license includes free access to the Arbortext eLearning library

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